Virgo New Moon

Virgo’s mind is preoccupied with health, hygiene, daily routines, work and service, numbers and perfectionism.

Since the New Moon is always a good time to drop outdated habits and issues which you want to leave behind, it makes sense to replace these with new, healthier routines.

Therefore the New Moon is also the ideal time to contemplate, plan, and start a new routine, health- work or otherwise.

One way to make good use of this New Moon in Virgo day is to get your income tax return ready. Mercury rules Virgo, and in this sign, he is analytical, critical, good with numbers, structures, and balancing accounts. Therefore, when the Moon moves through Virgo, we find it easier to sort out receipts, file papers, work with numbers and fill in forms.

So do some bookkeeping and get your tax return ready and out of the way. I guarantee you will feel relieved and glad you have done it.

Then you could reward yourself with a relaxing, candlelit bath tonight, contemplate the last cycle and set your mind to your new goal.

The Virgo New Moon is exact at 9pm, NSW Time at 25 Degrees.

This article is written by Alixe Bovey if you are interested in Astrology and medical history, please read on.

Medicine in the Middle Ages

Dr Alixe Bovey investigates the influence of astrology, religion and magic on medical knowledge and practice. Most medieval ideas about medicine were based on those of the ancient work, namely the work of Greek physicians Galen (129–216 CE) and Hippocrates (460–370 BCE). Their ideas set out a theory of the human body relating to the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and to four bodily humours (blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile). It was believed that health could be maintained or restored by balancing the humours, and by regulating air, diet, exercise, sleep, evacuation and emotion. Read more ….

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