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Seasonal Gardening by the Moon

Who is it for?

This Moon diary is useful for backyard gardeners, balcony growers and farmers.

It is a great tool for anyone who wants to grow healthy and abundant food without using chemical fertilisers and herbicides.

The Moontime Diary features all diary essentials plus

  • An easy to read introduction explains, how the Moon influences our life cycles.
  • Practical tips aligned to the Moon inspire and guide you throughout the year.
  • ‘Gardening by the Moon’ activity tables give you the best times for composting, planting, watering, fertilising, pruning, grafting, mowing and more…
  • You can apply the same principals to your own well being, home and work environment.

Traditionally most cultures gardened and farmed according to yearly seasons (Sun) and monthly cycles (Moon), without using synthetic fertilisers and herbicides. Our ancestors also managed their forests, bred animals, fished and built-in tune with seasons and cycles. Herbalists too, harvested, preserved and even prepared herbs in tune with the Moon. 

It is heartening to see more people becoming aware of how our lifestyle harms our natural environment and ourselves. Seasonal gardening by the Moon is as useful today as it always was and allows you to grow healthy and nutritious food without the use of chemicals.

Seasonal Gardening by the Moon

It makes sense to plan, prepare the soil and plant according to the seasons of the year. You can further fine-tune your planting, tending and harvesting to the Moon phases and grow nutrient-rich vegetables, fruit and herbs without the use of chemicals.

Humans, animals and plants consist of roughly 75% water which is subject to the Moon’s gravitational pull. Water is a universal solvent capable of dissolving more substances than any other liquid. As plant sap, it distributes nutrients and minerals throughout the plant and facilitates the plant’s growth and decay cycle.

Knowing the Moon’s phases and positions keys you into the best times to prepare the soil, plant, fertilise and harvest. This way, you boost healthy plant growth and improve its nutritional and medicinal value. If you align your harvest to the Moon, you will be able to preserve these nutrients and medicinal properties in your vegetables, fruit and herbs, increasing their nutritional value.

Did you know:

  • During the waxing Moon (from New to Full Moon) the Earth is releasing nutrients and plants absorb them?
  • During the waning Moon (from Full to New Moon), plants release nutrients by dropping leaves, fruit and branches which then break down on into mulch?
  • If you want to encourage strong and healthy re-growth, it is better to mow your lawn in the waxing Moon phase while it is in a water sign (are very fertile).
  • If you want to retard the growth because you don’t want to mow that often, it is best to mow in the waning phase while the Moon is in Aquarius, a ‘barren’ sign.
  • You can apply the same principals to your own health and well being, home and work environment:

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