Full Moon Time In Pisces

Since the last New Moon two weeks ago, the Moon has been waxing, which means it increased in size. It will be full 2 September 2020 in the zodiac sign of compassionate, sensitive, idealistic, artistic Pisces. Indeed, if you are a creative nature, this Full Moon will illuminate your original and individual talent and/or give you a perfectly good reason to buy new shoes.

Full Moon in Pisces is the ideal time to buy shoes for sensitive feet ~ Why?

While the Moon is waxing, our body tends to retain fluids and therefore our internal cellular pressure rises. It increases for 14 days until Full Moon, which is the moment when it is highest. Just after Full Moon, the impulse changes to waning and our cells are releasing fluids. The tension is lessening and our body and mind start relaxing.

It is this high internal pressure which makes us feel our emotions more deeply towards and on a Full Moon (even more so when a personal planet is in aspect). To avoid unnecessary confrontations at this Full Moon in sensitive Pisces, it’s a good idea to do something on your own if you can. Express yourself creatively (this Full Moon is in sextile to Uranus in Taurus)


Or ~ why not buy some shoes?

Because due to the high internal pressure, your feet are more swollen than usual and therefore more sensitive. If you find a pair of shoes which is comfortable today, they will be comfortable on all other days too!


If you have a moon calendar or diary such as the Moontime Diary, you can make the most of your time by fine-tuning your daily routines and chores to the lunar and planetary cycles. You find you are more organised and effective. At the same time, you use fewer resources and reduce your ecological footprint.


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