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A Lunar Calendar Diary for your Wellbeing 

Moontime Diary  2019

Moontime Diary 2019Have you ever wondered how a lunar calendar or diary can increase your wellbeing?

Our health and wellbeing depends largely on how we take care of our physical body therefore nutrition, exercise and hygiene are vital to our health and self esteem. By using a lunar calendar to plan and make appointments for health and beauty treatments like detox fast, massage, facials, hair cut, dental …  you can increase the beneficial effect the treatment has on your wellbeing.

For example:

  • While the Moon is waning, your body is releasing moisture and energy. Those two weeks are far better for a detox fast than the waxing phase because you take advantage of the letting go, exhale mode your body is in.
  • While the Moon is waxing your body is in absorption mode. Those two weeks are a particular good time to eat fresh organic food rich in nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be balanced more effectively now because your body absorbs and metabolizes more effectively.
  • You also absorb toxins, stimulants and fattening foods more easily. If you suffer headaches or migraines avoid stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, red wine, cheese and chocolate while the moon is waxing, particularly in the second quarter and at Full Moon. You could be even more specific and consider the signs Pisces and Aries.
  • Try and avoid dental treatments and vaccinations close to and at Full Moon.

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Lunar Calendar Diary 2019 for your Wellbeing:

health-wellnessSkin and hair care:

• Nourishing and moisturizing treatments have better results when the Moon is waxing. Deep cleansing and rejuvenating treatments are more beneficial when the moon is waning.

• Relaxing and lymphatic drainage massages are best when the Moon is waning in a water sign, particularly Pisces.
• Reflex and invigorating massages are most effective when the Moon is waxing.

• Invigorating and building up exercises are better performed when the Moon waxes.
• To drop kilos and to detox, exercise when the Moon is waning.

• Nourish and build up your body when the Moon is waxing.
• Help your body to detox when the Moon is waning.

• You are in a more reflective and letting go mode when the Moon is waning or new.
• You absorb and expand when the Moon is waxing.

There is an opportune time for almost anything we do.

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