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Who is it for?

This Moon diary is useful for anyone interested in health and wellbeing. Planning and making appointments in tune with the lunar cycle is a sustainable way to improve the results of natural treatments.

The Moontime Diary features all diary essentials plus

  • An easy-to-read introduction that explains, how the Moon influences you and your wellbeing.
  • ‘Health and Wellbeing by the Moon’ activity tables give you the best times for wellbeing treatments such as facials, massages, fasting,  the removal of unwanted hair, haircuts, hair colouring and more …
  • Daily practical tips aligned to the Moon inspire and guide you throughout the year.
  • Every day tells you the Moon phase and position, which can be very helpful to determine those days where women are most fertile; see fertility and the Moon.

Health & Wellbeing

Have you ever wondered how you can improve the outcome of well-being treatments?

Our health depends largely on how we take care of our physical body and therefore nutrition, exercise and hygiene are vital to our wellbeing and self-esteem. Using a lunar calendar to plan a detox fast can help you eliminate toxins more efficiently. Aligning appointments for wellbeing treatments like massages, facials, hair cuts, dental hygiene to the Moon, helps you achieve better results.

For example:

  • When the Moon is waning, your body is releasing moisture and energy. Those two weeks are far better for a detox fast than the waxing phase because you take advantage of the letting go, exhale mode your body is in.
  • While the Moon is waxing your body is in absorption mode. Those two weeks are a particularly good time to eat fresh organic food rich in nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be balanced more effectively now because your body absorbs and metabolises more effectively.
  • You also absorb toxins, stimulants and fattening foods more easily while the Moon is waxing.
  • If you suffer headaches or migraines avoid stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, red wine, cheese and chocolate while the Moon is waxing, particularly in the second quarter and at Full Moon. You could be even more specific and consider the signs Pisces and Aries.
  • Try and avoid dental treatments and vaccinations close to and at Full Moon.

The Moontime Diary 2024 not only tells you all New Moons and Full Moons, Equinoxes, Solstices, Super Moons and Eclipse Dates. It also features extensive tables for treatments and practical daily tips to help you find the best and worst times for health and wellbeing appointments.

Skin and hair care:

  • Nourishing and moisturising treatments have better results while the Moon is waxing.
  • Deep cleansing hair and facial treatments are more beneficial when the Moon is waning.
  • Haircuts while the Moon is waxing, particularly in Leo, encourage stronger regrowth.
  • Colouring hair and streaks while the Moon is waxing also is more effective.


  • Nourish and build up your body while the Moon is waxing.
  • Help your body to eliminate and detox while it is waning.


  • Relaxing and lymphatic drainage massages are best when the Moon is waning in a water sign, particularly Pisces.
  • Foot Reflex messages are most effective when the Moon is waxing, especially in Pisces.
  • Back massages are more efficient while the Moon is in Leo, invigorating while it is waxing and more relaxing while it is waning.

Family Planning:

Every girl and woman needs to know about her fertility cycle!


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I bought the first Moontime 2011 and I can’t understand how I have lived life without it!! I feel like I have been walking around with my eyes shut and now… it’s like a fog has lifted and I can see clearly to plan my days and the rest of the year!! The daily tips are amazing, and I actually find I am getting things done that I normally think about doing but never actually do!!! (You know, cleaning the windows!!) I have become so much more organised because I am now looking in my diary for a good date to do certain things… like book in with my hairdresser next Thursday because I have curly hair!! I will be buying next years for sure… and every year for evermore!!!

Briallyn H.
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