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Moontime Diary 2017

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The Moontime Diary 2017 features:

  • An Introduction on ‘How to fine tune to the Moon’
  • Best Moon Phases for Health, Beauty, Home and Garden
  • Daily Moon Position and Phases and Practical Pointers
  • Daily Planetary Aspects plus Aspect Interpretations
  • Moon Void of Course
  • Weekly Astrology Forecast by Gisela Stieglitz
  • Yearly Astrology Forecast by Narelle Duncan
  • Monthly Planetary Tables and detailed Astrological Affinity Table
  • Gardening by the Moon
  • Fertility and Weaning Babies
  • Inspiring and Beautiful Zodiac Illustrations by Jake Baddeley
  • Pagan Observances
  • Crystal Cleansing and Programming and much more ...
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  • I love everything about it! The main benefit for me with the Moontime Diary is that I have moon VOC times and monthly ephemeris at hand when I'm out and about. Jenna W.
    Jenna W.
  • Thank you so much Iris, received the Moontime Diary this morning. It's wonderful as usual! Thanks again, love Fiona.
    Fiona D.
  • Hi there…I got the diary from your eBay listing and want to say how wonderful it is! It is just what I have been searching for. The information is not only interesting but useful as well. Well done on a fantastic publication!
    Seren Wickson
  • I definitely noticed the change of energy in people, depending on the moon, more so now than ever. The best diary I have ever had.
    Karyn Bourne
  • HI, I’m just writing to congratulate you on your 2008 diary. A great source of wonderful info. Thanks,
    Rovaye Hodges
  • HELLO LADIES, I hadgreat response with your diary this year. I will definitely stock them next year. Please keep me posted. Peace
    Hollie B Lunation Magick & Occult Store Canberra
  • Hello, thank you so very much for the pleasure and fun I received by using your diary last year.
    Sarah Hall
  • I love your diary and this is the second year I have bought it. Both years I have bought it as a gift for a friend as well. Many thanks
    Meriam Michael
  • I can’t do without the information in it and it’s like I get a surprise every day. Kind regards,
    Michelle Radvanyj
  • I must commend you both, on the quality of both the planner and diary, simply beautiful. Blessings, www.naturesgifts.com.au
    Deb (Natures Gifts) Norwood, SA
  • Can you please put me on the mailing list to advise when the Moontime Diary 2010 hits the stores in Byron? Thanks
    Libby x
  • I have been using only this Diary for many years now, as I love it! Thank you for producing it with all the great information! It is wonderful!!
    You too have a great Festive Season and all the very best wishes for 2012.
  • Thanks Iris.  I wanted you to know how much I love my Moontime diary.  Every edition is better that the last!  The other one is for my Dad (who is 77) and can’t live without it either.

Take Advantage of the Moon's Influence

Moontime Diary 2017  Australian Times Lunar Calendar

An easy, natural way to stay healthy and save time, effort and resources

Often we struggle through life because we are so far removed from our natural environment. However, we also can enjoy life, ‘go with the flow’, be more organized and create great results just by tuning in to natural seasons and cycles.

Did you know that the Moon affects the growth cycle of plants and animals?

Many gardeners, organic farmers, wine growers and herbalists tend to their plants, and harvest their crops according to the Moon. They produce organic, tasty and nutritious food without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Did you know this is an easy, natural way to improve your wellbeing and home environment as well?

How does the Moon affect Your

The Moon’s gravitational pull on water (moisture and fluids) is visible when we look at the tidal movement of the oceans. It is less noticeable on rivers and lakes or in plants and animals. However, the Moon does have a strong influence on the sap in plants, and a more subtle influence on our blood, lymphatic and cerebral fluids.

As the Moon revolves around the earth in 29.5 days, we see it waxing – increasing in size, full and waning – decreasing in size. During the waxing phase, cells are in absorption mode, they expand, the internal pressure rises until Full Moon, when it is at its highest. As the Moon begins to wane, cells release these fluids, and shrink as the pressure decreases.

Once you become aware of how it works, you can apply these natural laws to yourself and your family’s wellbeing. You’ll discover a healthier, gentle way of life more in tune with the Moon.

The Moontime Diary 2017 inspires and assists you to make the most of the Moon’s influence.