Your Astrological

Moontime Diary

& Moon Calendar 2024


The Moontime Diary 2024 is an annular almanac that provides information about the daily Moon cycle and lunar phase, zodiac position, Moon void of course times, and Astrological planetary movements.

Utilizing a lunar diary like the Moontime Diary or a moon chart, helps you optimize your time, effort, and resources by aligning with the natural rhythms of the Moon, making informed decisions, and adopting eco-friendly practices.

A lunar diary such as the Moontime Diary

Helps You Save Time, Effort and Resources


Start using a lunar diary such as the Moontime Diary and live a healthier, more organised lifestyle while reducing your ecological footprint.

Traditionally, tuning into natural seasons and cycles has been the most efficient way to live for most cultures. Our grandparent’s generation, too, was well aware of the Moon’s effect on humans, animals and plants. Only in the last 100 years have we humans excelled in overriding nature.

The Moontime Diary promotes reducing our ecological footprint by aligning activities to nature’s seasons and cycles. Like a sailor, who takes the tide out, instead of struggling against it, you too can time your actions and achieve better outcomes.

Many Gardeners and Farmers know that the Moon’s gravitational pull directly affects the growth and yield of their crops. They find that if they align planting, fertilising and harvesting to the lunar cycles, they can produce healthy and nutritious food without using heavy chemicals.

Once we understand the why, we can align health and wellbeing treatments and many other activities to the lunar phases as well. This way, we save time effort and resources and still have great results.

Why? How does the Moon affect us?

The short answer is WATER, one of the essential building blocks of life.  Look at the rise and fall of ocean tides; there, we see the Moon’s powerful gravitational pull best.

As rivers, lakes and oceans, water covers approximately 65 % of the Earth’s surface. It is present as vapour in our atmosphere, soil moisture, sap in plants, blood, lymph and body fluids in animals and humans. The Moon’s pull acts like a hydraulic pump and affects all living beings to a certain extent.

The Moontime Diary explains how the lunar phases work. It also tells you the best days for gardening, health and wellbeing appointments, housekeeping  & maintenance.


B.J. Allen

Iris does such a beautiful job of pulling the information together – and the talented folk who contribute! I recommend giving her absolutely beautiful and stunning annual Moontime Diary as a gift – especially to yourself!

J. Boffa

I’ve had one for a few years now & I love to connect my insight with yours. The planting cycles, best times for hair cuts or projects, it’s a wealth of insight & knowledge.

G. Rose

I’ve been using the Moontime Diary for a number of years now, and this year it became my only source of ‘moontime’ info. I love this moon diary, the information included and the ease of use. So I need my Moontime Diary to ease my connection and flow with cycles