Headaches and Migraines at Full Moon in Aries

This lead up to the often volatile Aries Full Moon sports Mars in Aries squaring Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. So it is lucky,  that the upcoming Aries Full Moon (9 degrees 8 minutes) is exact on Friday 7:05 am ( NSW time) and not Sunday. Meaning, that by the weekend, at least some pressure has been released.

Why are some people more prone to headaches and migraines at Full Moon?

Tension loaded energy can play out in many ways, such as reckless and risky behaviour which could lead to an increase in arguments and accidents. Maybe even more so this time, with Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus.

However, Chiron is conjunct the Full Moon in Aries and might be pioneering to help us through it.

For some sensitive souls, all this might be to much, the light too bright, and cause insomnia, headaches or even migraines!

The combination of the Moon moving through the sign of Aries, sensitizing the brain and head and the rising internal cellular pressure until the exact Full Moon, can have quite an impact on our body, in this case, more specifically on the head!

If those prone to headaches and migraines also consume stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, nicotine, red wine, chocolate, cheese etc., they are more likely to trigger severe headaches or migraines than at any other time.

How to avoid headaches and migraines at Full Moon?

You could try to

  • Keep your schedule light, so you have the opportunity to take time out if necessary
  • Avoid stimulants, loud music and bright lights
  • Avoid neck massages or hot baths, because stimulating the back of your neck ( Medulla Oblongata) can also be a trigger
  • Relax your eyes under cucumber slices
  • Cool your head/ back of your neck with a cold gel pack while you are going through an episode.

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