Total Solar Eclipse 23° Sagittarius

Moon Time Planning Diary:

Monday, December 14, 2020, at 8:16 am in San Francisco USA, not visible.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020, at 3:16 am in Sydney, Australia, not visible.

Tomorrow Sunday, the Moon catches up with Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius; weather permitting, it is a good day for a spontaneous outing. Sunday also lends itself to intellectual stimulation and philosophical discussions. Just be aware of the Neptune square! Instead of charging at windmills, listen and look for your blind spot.

The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius heralds enthusiastic new ideas and philosophies and hopefully leads to a fresh start. Our solar system is ready for a reset, with Venus, Saturn and Jupiter changing signs. Venus in Sagittarius will be more optimistic and generous, while Saturn and Jupiter are broadening their mind in reformist Aquarius.

Saturn and Jupiter’s first conjunction in air signs, December 22, 2020, marks the beginning of a larger Saturn/ Jupiter cycle which hopefully aligns our views and actions increasingly with more humanitarian values.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius gives us a fabulous opportunity for a

meditation/ visualisation ritual on Monday evening:



Moontime Diary 2021 USA Edition Find yourself a quiet, comfortable spot, where you can calm down. Have pen and paper handy to take notes of your thoughts.

Note your breathing for a minute and observe what comes to your mind.

Think about issues that hold you back, the ones you are ready to let go of, for good. Once you discard negativity and outdated habits, you are in a better position to see and take up new opportunities.

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To a heartfelt Christmas Season, Iris Moon Time Planning Diary

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