It is nothing new. The ever-changing Moon orbits around the Earth, and her gravitational pull on us humans and nature has always been the same.  Traditionally, most cultures found that tuning into nature’s rhythms is the most efficient way to work the land and grow food. With the onset of modern technology, we started to seek to override natural processes, often with unfortunate results, as it turns out.

However, rather than wasting energy and resources to fight nature, it makes more sense to align ourselves with yearly seasons and monthly lunar cycles. Like Astrologers or sailors, who avoid struggling against the tide, they instead wait for the right moment.

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What is a lunar calendar? 

Lunar calendars are based on the Moon phases and cycles and have been used since days of old. Evidence of lunar calendars goes back as long as 32,000 years ago. A few relics from the Ice Age include reindeer bones, mammoth tusks, and sticks with marks that academic researchers believe represent the days between lunar phases.

Whereas now, most of the world sticks to the solar-based Gregorian calendar and misses out on valuable possibilities, this moon diary combines the solar with the lunar calendar and makes it easy to follow the Moon phases.

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How does it work?

Water, a universal solvent and one of the essential building blocks of life, responds to the Moon’s gravitational pull. We can observe this best when we look at the rise and fall of ocean tides. This rhythm is less noticeable in our lakes and rivers, atmosphere, and human bodies, but it acts like a hydraulic pump and affects Earth’s growth and decay cycles.

We can align many tasks (gardening, housekeeping, home maintenance)  and even health/wellbeing treatments (massages,  fasting, hair cuts, dental hygiene) to the lunar cycles when we know about the Moon phases.

Importance of a lunar diary

Now let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use a lunar diary.

1. Moon Planting

Many gardeners and farmers know that the Moon affects the growth and yield of their crops. They find that if they align planting, fertilizing and harvesting to seasonal solar and monthly lunar cycles, they can produce healthy and nutritious food without the need for synthetic fertilizers and heavy chemicals.

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2. Wellbeing

Health professionals notice the Moon’s influence on their client’s emotional and physical wellbeing. Some herbalists harvest at the correct Moon phase to ensure that the medicinal properties are in that particular part of the plant (root, leave, flower, fruit, seed) when they harvest the herb.

Becoming aware of the Moon phases can help you balance deficiencies, manage weight gain, fluid retention and allergies, avoid excessive absorption of toxins, stimulants and allergens. You also can book your well-being treatments for the most conducive time and achieve better results.

3. The Feminine Moon

In more traditional cultures, women still are well aware of the Moon’s effect on their fertility cycle. Due to our modern lifestyle, we are not so much in synch anymore. Some even suspect that this can be a reason why many women have painful menstruations.

However, for women, one of the most exciting and empowering aspects of a lunar diary is to observe and record their fertility cycle. Many women even find this helpful to fall pregnant.

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4. Should be a Full Moon

Social conduct and emotions also seem to be impacted by the lunar cycle: terms like lunatic reference the rather peculiar behaviors that seem to accord with the lunar calendar, specifically around the Full Moon.

Old wives’ tales about kids being born on Full Moons. The myth about werewolves and other beasts that are affected by the Moon. Hospital staff and police note an increase in complications and intensity around the full Moon. Moreover, phrases like “once in a Blue Moon” suggest that the Moon symbolises rare occurrences.

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5. Different Phases of The Moon

Each phase is defined by where the Moon is located in regard to the Sun.  The lunar cycle begins at a New Moon, and it takes the Moon one month (approximately 29.5 days) to orbit once around the Earth. These four weeks are divided into two weeks of waxing and two weeks of waning.

Here are the moon phases in sequence:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Crescent
  • First Quarter
  • Waxing Gibbous
  • Full Moon
  • Waning Gibbous
  • Third Quarter
  • Waning Crescent

Waxing Moon ~ Time to Nourish and Strengthen

New Moon to Full Moon: while the Moon becomes fuller, cells absorb moisture and anything dissolved in it. Plants absorb and metabolise nutrients from the soil and grow. The sap is rising, and medicinal properties concentrate in the above-ground parts of the plant. We find herbs, vegetables and fruit are more flavoursome, juicier and nutritious the closer we get to the Full Moon.

Full Moon ~ The Intensity is High

By the time the Moon is full, cells have been absorbing (and retaining) moisture for two weeks. The internal pressure is highest, which explains why some people find it hard to sleep, are moody and more emotional.

Waning Moon ~ Time to Release and Cleanse

After the Full Moon, the impulse changed from waxing to waning, from inhaling to exhaling. During the next two weeks, cells release moisture, the pressure decreases, and the intensity is lessening. It is much easier now to let go of pent-up emotions than before the Full Moon.

New Moon ~ Time to Rest and Plan

The two days before the New Moon are an excellent opportunity to rest, regenerate and reflect on matters important to you.

It is the changing impulse of absorbing and releasing that is affecting humans, animals, and plants. Once we understand this, we again can take advantage of the lunar cycle and live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


Irrespective of us being aware of the lunar cycle or not,  what’s clear is that people are missing out on the lovely rhythm God set up for us and our natural environment to work with.

The change from a lunar calendar to a solar calendar did rob us of a sense of seasonal rhythms. However, when you include a lunar diary 2022 in your life,  you regain an awareness of the passage of the seasons and the way nature innately experiences it.

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