Lunar Eclipse 8° Gemini Full Moon

Monday, November 30, 2020, at 8:29 pm in Sydney, Australia, and 1:29 am in San Francisco USA.


The upcoming Gemini Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, which is visible in much of Australia, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Friday is the perfect day to find respite from stress and tensions that have been building up over the weeks. Regenerative healing sessions, massages or spa treatments may bring a new awareness about your lifestyle.

Whereas a Venus/Uranus opposition on Saturday demands something more exciting, the Moon spends time in Taurus and forms stabilising aspects to Pluto/Jupiter and Saturn. All three trine aspects happen to be exact on Sunday and bring a soothing note to the weekend.

So why not make yourself comfortable at home and potter in the garden on the weekend. Enjoy nutritious comfort food and soothing music, and weather permitting, watch the nearly Full Moonrise Sunday evening.


Early next week, the Sagittarius/Gemini axis can produce much restlessness, hyperactivity and social interaction.

However, the lunar eclipse Monday evening gives us a fabulous opportunity for a little pre-Christmas ritual:

Find yourself a quiet, comfortable spot, where you can watch the Full Moon rise at 7:42 pm (NSW time) and eclipse. Calm down, note your breathing and observe what comes to your mind. Have pen and paper handy and take notes of your thoughts.

Think about your friends, colleagues and loved ones, think about Christmas, whom you want to invite, write to, the wording on Christmas cards, the food you like to prepare. In short, a bit of daydreaming and planning equips you with a plan, list, words and ideas. You will stay centred in the lead up to Christmas and enjoy being organised.

To always know the planetary movements, purchase the Moontime Diary. For exact eclipse viewing times visit:

To a heartfelt Christmas Season,



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