Moon Time Diary Laundry Day

Would you like to know why a moon diary can help you with your laundry day? Then keep on reading.

Before the onset of our fabulous washing machines, people took pride in having enough linen to manage without washing frequently. Then laundry day/week used to be a huge housekeeping event for women …..  As you can read in this well-researched article here: Wash On Monday

One reason for Mondays to be laundry day was that the laundry had all week to dry, be pressed and folded, well before Sunday. Monday is also ruled by the Moon and this might be a coincidence, however, there is a connection to the Moon.

As you know the Moon has a gravitational pull on water and therefore the lunar cycle has an effect on washing and drying your laundry.

At Full Moon, the impulse changes from waxing to waning and these two weeks are the preferred lunar phase for washing laundry. During the waning phase all steps taken to cleanse are more successful now than at other times.

J. Pauggner in her ‘Mond Lexikon’ suggests this simple test:

Just before New Moon, soak an average dirty piece of laundry in a bucket with lukewarm soapy water for 2 to 3 hours. Do the same thing, under the same conditions just before Full Moon. The result might surprise you:)

Before Full Moon, the soapy water stays clean and the laundry dirty. Just before New Moon, the soapy water is dirty and the laundry is clean. By comparing the soapy water you can see where the dirt went!

When you wash your laundry mainly in the waning phase, you’ll find the laundry detergent dissolves better and you actually save on detergent, it is more gentle on your washing, fabric fibres stay in good nick and stubborn stains come out easier.  When you do your washing in the waxing phase, make sure you don’t leave it in the machine for too long afterwards. Take it out and hang it up/dry it straight away. If you leave it in the machine longer, your laundry tends to take on this mouldy smell!

If you have a moon calendar or diary such as the Moontime Diary, you can fine-tune your laundry day even more and choose days when the Moon is waning in a water sign, such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These are the most ideal days and your laundry is bound to be cleaner, fresher and dries quicker.


Additionally, I recommend sustainable laundry detergents. Many detergents can be responsible for allergies, pollute the water and their plastic packaging fills up landfills …. as we all know by now.

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