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The Moontime Diary is a moon diary which includes all diary essentials and traditional knowledge one needs to navigate the year in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles. 

Every day easy to follow tips which are aligned to the Moon inspire and guide you towards a healthier, organised and more sustainable lifestyle.

Why and how does the Moon’s affect you?

The short answer here is: The Moon and Sun’s gravitational forces on water are visible when we look at the ocean’s rising and falling tides. It is less noticeable on rivers and lakes or in plants and animals. However, most living beings consist of approximately 70% water in the form of blood, lymph, cerebral fluid and in plants sap. Therefore the Moon does have a considerable influence on the health and wellbeing of humans, animals and plants.

Many successful gardeners, organic farmers, winegrowers and herbalists recognise this. They plant, tend to their plants and harvest their crops according to the Moon. This way they produce organic, tasty and nutritious food without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Once you realise how the Moon affects you and your environment, you can time your gardening, wellbeing treatments and housekeeping chores to the lunar cycles. It is easier to stay healthy and reduce your environmental footprint when you go with nature instead of struggle against it.

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