Mercury Retrograde ~ Lunar Eclipse

Mercury Retrograde ~ Lunar Eclipse Mercury starts moving retrograde on Sunday, 5th October and stays retrograde until 25th October. So most of its retro movement falls between the  total Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon 8th October and Solar Eclipse on New Moon 24th October. This is the
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Bubble Bath

How to Make the Most of the New Moon today

Today’s New Moon is 1 degree Libra and falls in the 7 Th house. Libra is ruled by Venus and appreciates anything beautiful which enhances the overall feel of harmony and connection between people. The seventh house rules any close relationship, marriage, business partners, agree
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Moontime ~ The Moon In Gemini

Moontime ~ the Moon in Gemini Today’s Moon in Gemini  brings up questions about how we relate to friends. It is the perfect time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current network. We all have different people in our lives which are good for different things at dif
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Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces ~ The Urge to Merge Today’s Full Moon in Pisces joins Chiron and this combination mellows the often tense Full Moon energy into a soft and empathetic healing energy. It is an excellent time to retreat to a nice watery location, the sea, a lake or a lovely pon
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Moontime Diary E Jonas

Dr Eugen Jonas’ Lunar Method

Dr Eugen Jonas’ Lunar Method Every woman needs to know about Dr Eugen Jonas’ Lunar Method and Fertility Calculator!!! As a nurse I always was aware of our hormonal cycle, however I found out the practical way that we have another fertility cycle running parallel. In other words, we ca
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New Moon in Leo

Your Own Intention Setting Ritual for Leo New Moon

Your Own Intention Setting Ritual for Leo New Moon Make better use of the next New Moon and start creating more consciously. Traditionally people marked moments when impulses change with ritual and celebrations. It is a way to use the energy present at this moment to their advantage.
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Moontime Baking Soda

Moontime Diary and Baking Soda

Moontime Diary and Baking Soda? We at Moontime Diary want to inspire people to use less synthetic chemicals around their body, home and garden. The best way to achieve this is by identifying the best time for specific activities and by using non toxic substances. Bicarb Soda is one of
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Valentine’s Gift Inspirations

Valentine’s Gift Inspirations Are you looking for a meaningful and practical gift which will be appreciated and cherished? You should first find out your partners Sun and Moon Sign. Both, Sun and Moon Signs are the most important points in a personal horoscope. They give us valu
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Moontime Diary 2014 – Gisela’s Weekly

Gisela’s Weekly for Week Four in 2014 Are you feeling the thumb screws getting tighter? Read Moontime Diary 2014 – Gisela’s Weekly for a celestial weekly insight: Monday things lighten up as the Sun moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius. A day when good ideas are born
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