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Tuesday, 21 August the moon is waxing in Libra We feel charming, social and diplomatic when the moon moves though Libra. Being ruled by Venus we  seek balance, harmony and beauty and on Libra moon days you feel happiest when you beautify yourself, your surroundings or it could even be
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Moontime Cancer

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The Astrological Moon Time Diary reports today: Waning Moon in Cancer today and tomorrow after this heady and intense full moon eclipse, the impulse has changed from waxing/absorbing to waning/releasing and all the tension and emotion can now be released. The waning moon in Cancer is
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Current Moon Phases

CURRENT MOON about the moon
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Moontime Diary Crystal

Moontime Diary: New Moon in Aquarius

Set a positive intention on Thursday 3 February 2011 Greetings to you, The new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This time is particularly suited for eliminating unwanted habits and starting new projects. Ask yourself how you can improve those situations and issues associate
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Moontime Diary Countdown

Moon Phase Calendar and Diary

Moon Phase Calendar and Diary Greetings to everyone, today on Boxing Day Holiday, the phase is waning and with the moon in Virgo it is the perfect time to make contact with your wider circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances, email, write letters or post cards. Today also is pe
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Radio Out There about the moon phases and cycles

Radio Out There about the moon phases and cycles Monday last week, withnew moon in Sagittarius, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Barry Eaton on Radio Out There. It was great to feel his interest expanding and respond to his inquisitive questions. To listen to this interview
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Moon Phase Diary on Radio out There

Dear Moontimers, the Moontime Diary says on Monday and Tuesday the moon is waxing and transiting Pisces.  Pisces rules the feet and therefore anything you do to nurture and regenerate  your feet will have a really good effect on those days. A foot bath will be more energisingand a  ma
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Lunar Phases and their Astrological Meaning

Lunar Cycle Being aware of the lunar phases allows you to consciously start a cycle with a particular idea or project in mind. Find something that  relates to the zodiac sign the New Moon is falling in, something which wants to be done or resolved or created. There ( usually) is one N
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