We are glad to announce the launch of next year’s

Moontime Diary & Moon Calendar 2022 upcoming August 2022

The Moontime Diary 2022 is the 16th edition. It continues to provide accurate planetary data and astrological inspiration for all ages and preferences.

If you are you interested in:

  • Wellbeing ~ The Moon phases and zodiac sign position can give you valuable insight into your physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Home and Environment ~ The Moontime Diary will inspire you to do housekeeping chores and renovations in tune with the lunar phases. This way, you need less effort and still achieve great results.
  • Gardening ~ You might want to consider the Moon phases and positions to grow healthy and nutritious food.
  • Astrology ~ This diary provides all the astrological data you want to have your hands on, every day!


Moontime Diary Moon Calendar 2022

features all diary essentials plus:

  • Daily, easy-to-follow tips aligned to the Moon
  •  Moon void of course times
  • Weekly Astro Forecasts by Gisela Stieglitz
  •  Yearly Zodiac Forecasts by Narelle Duncan
  • NEW: Night skywatching events
  •  Zodiac illustrations by Elizabeth Kyle
  •  Super and Blue Moons, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices
  • Pagan observances
  • Menstruation Chart
  •  Yearly Planner 2022
  • Moon Chart 2022
  • Astrological information (such as daily astrological aspects, Interpretations, monthly planetary tables (including Lilith, Chiron, North Node), detailed Astrological Affinity Table).

Yes, there is a Moontime Diary for the Northern Hemisphere.
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