~ Set Your Goals this Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon Set Your Goals with the Moontime Diary 2019  Tuesday 5 February 2019 at 8:03 am 

It is the beginning of a new cycle and you have the opportunity to start it off with a positive spin.

This time the Moon joins the Sun in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius, a fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus is symbolized by the water bearer. Hence when the Sun or Moon moves through the constellation of Aquarius, we are more original, inventive and aware of humanitarian issues or we can feel more eccentric, tactless and rebellious. 

Almost simultaneously with the New Moon on Tuesday, Mercury unites with the Black Moon and amplifies the Aquarian free spirit. Here is a great opportunity to speak up and out , regardless of what others might think. Friday too, is a great day to overcome obstacles in communication, or it might be possible to solve a long- standing problem by expanding your perspective and understanding. On Sunday Mercury moves into creative and compassionate Pisces and forms a sextile to Uranus, evoking more unusual, exciting and inspiring ideas.

Excerpt of the Moontime Diary’s weekly Astro Forecast week 6.

How can you harness and make the most of  this New Moon in Aquarius?

Ideally take some quiet time on Tuesday  to brainstorm issues related to Aquarius. You can ask yourself questions such as:

How can I

  • Put my inventiveness and ingenuity to good use?
  • Make a positive contribution to the world?
  • Meet people who share my interests?


Listen to the guided meditation below and set your goals and intentions for the next 29 day cycle.

Hone your creative skills

The Mastery Club’ , a price winning  teenage novel by Australian author Liliane Grace, is packed with practical tools and information about goal-setting, constructive thinking, how the mind works, and character values like persistence, courage and a good attitude.

In the Moontime Diary 2017 Liliane shared the essence of ‘The Mastery Club’:

The  10 most important points to keep in mind when setting your goals

Here are the first three:

1. It’s all divine substance and we’re the sculptors
Everything is energy and your thoughts shape that energy – so recognize that you are not tiny and insignificant; you are powerful beyond measure.

2. What seed are you going to plant?
What’s your dream? What would you love to achieve? Decide and claim it. Choose your goals, beginning with simple, achievable desires and gradually increasing in grandeur until you are tackling something really important to you.
Remember to
● choose goals that are truly meaningful to you;
● be realistic about your commitment to the goal;
● be specific;
● express your intention in positive language so that you’re asking for what you want, rather than what you don’t want;
● phrase your intention in the present tense because the brain only knows ‘now’;
● set an appropriate time frame; and
● identify your first achievable action step – and then keep going!

3. The tool of visualization
Relax daily for a few minutes and visualize the moment in which you are doing, being, having or experiencing whatever your goal is. Sense it vividly. Make it feel real. Feel grateful. Our imagination is much more powerful than our will when it comes to making things happen so don’t force or strain; relax and imagine and remember that it’s not your power that will bring your goal about; you just ‘open the door’ with your desire, intention, and focused attention.

Click here for more information about ‘The Mastery Club


Aquarius New Moon Set Goals Moontime Diary 2017

Guided Aquarius Meditation

Australian author and Astrologer Tracey Stranger has developed a wonderful ‘Zodiac Serenity Collection’. I am thrilled to present you here with a full length Aquarius teaser, the first of 3 Aquarius Tracks.

To align with and gain valuable insights into issues and personal patterns relating to Aquarius, just sit back and listen to this guided mediation. The best times to to align with Aquarius energy is  when the Moon and/or Sun move through the sign of Aquarius, especially at the Aquarius Full or New Moons and also if you have an Aquarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant in your Natal Chart.


Click  here and Relax   


Tracey’s ZODIAC ALIGNMENT meditations will be featured in the coming blogs and newsletters.


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