A Future With Natural Wood


Written by bestselling Austrian author Dr Erwin Thoma. Erwin Thoma has a deep understanding of trees, their growth cycles, natural timber production and the positive health effect of natural timber products. Translated from German into English by Iris Detenhoff.

A Future with Natural Wood

A Future with Natural Wood ~ ISBN 9780987317285 ~ by bestselling Austrian author Dr Erwin Thoma. Erwin has a deep understanding of trees, their growth cycles and natural timber production. Erwin grew up at the Gross Glockner Pass and worked in the Austrian Alps. His carpenter granddad passed on a wealth of knowledge relating to timber and building, seasons and cycles to the young forestry ranger.

Discover how people traditionally worked within natural seasons and cycles before the onset of high tech solutions. This traditional wisdom is still very useful today. It would be easily lost if it were not for people like Erwin and his granddad, who share what they had learned from their ancestors.

In this, the first of his books translated into English, you will find interesting and amusing stories that reveal Erwin's wealth of knowledge regarding trees, forests and wood. Perhaps, for some readers, this book will contain more information than they imagined possible for such subjects. For others, this will be a welcome introduction to wood-related topics and an inspiration for a future using natural timber. " Written in a conversational style, it offers an insight into his humble genius."

You will see trees, forests and your home environment in a new way. You will be better-informed and feel inspired to build your future with natural timber.


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