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Soul Bird Art 2018 calendar, Libra, Zodiac illustrations by Roberta Orpwood

New Moon in Libra

Friday 20th October 2017

You might feel irritated in the lead up to Fridays’ New Moon in Libra

at 6:11 am (AEDST) the Sun and Moon are meeting up in the constellation of Libra. A cardinal air sign, Libra is signified by a pair of scales, ruled by the planet Venus and relates to beauty, harmony, partnership, justice and diplomacy.

While the Sun illuminates the male initiating force, the Moon rules the feminine, fecund and nurturing energy. It is her passive, receptive and reflective nature which indicates our emotional and fearful behaviors.  If your Moon is in Libra, you are likely to fear disagreements, disharmony and being alone.

New Moon in Libra this time around

This time Uranus in Aries exactly opposes the Sun/Moon conjunction in Libra ~ expect the unexpected. Try and practice diplomacy because willfulness just leads to conflict and only hinders you.

Spending time alone and setting useful intentions is one way to find peace and harmony within and until Friday morning it is a very opportune time for exactly that. If this is not happening, remember to take an hour for yourself on the weekend. Collect some spring flowers and set up a beautiful space. Listen to gentle music, light a candle, some incense, have paper and pen ready.

New Moon in Libra, Moontime Diary 2018

Step into Spring

To align with Libra energy, ask yourself questions related to Libra such as:

How can I

  • Attract the love, beauty, peace and harmony I crave?
  • Stay centered in disharmonious surroundings?
  • Be more decisive and make sound decisions?

Brainstorming and most of all writing down what comes to your mind helps you identify your personal theme. Analyse and reorder all points, set your goals and chunk them into achievable steps.


Moon Rituals such as this, not only increase your awareness of our seasons and cycles, in addition, they help you become a more conscious creator. You can learn more about this in the Moontime Diary 2017 (page 44). Under the heading: ‘Keep this in Mind’, Liliane Grace lays bare the  laws of creativity, step by step, easy to follow and ideal for New Moon Intention Setting.

With Love n Moonlight 🙂

Moontime Diary


Our main image is by Roberta Orpwood of Soul Bird Art by Roberta Orpwood, whose gorgeous work is featured in our 2018 calendar and diary.

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