Moontime Diary Full Moon in Taurus, Soul Bird Art 2018

Moontime Diary

Full Moon in Taurus

4:22 pm Saturday 4th Nov 2017

This time the Full Moon is in the constellation of Taurus, a fixed earth sign signified by the crescent above the circle. Steadfast Taureans appreciate stability and they like their routines. Being ruled by the planet Venus, they not only appreciate beauty, comfort and good food, they are able to create it as well. The sign of Taurus also relates to 2nd house matters such as personal resources and physical security.

All of the above characteristics give those days when the Moon moves though the sign of Taurus an earthy, taurean flavor. We are more practically minded, patient and don’t mind routines as much.

Moontime Diary

Make the most of the upcoming Taurus Full Moon

This Full Moon in Taurus is a lively time; a Sun/Neptune trine encourages creativity, wishful thinking and high ideals, while a Venus/Uranus opposition reinforces the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

Moontime Diary, Full Moon, Taurus

Full Moon Lantern

This Saturday afternoon is the perfect time for a picnic (weather permitting). Bring something yummy and find yourself a beautiful spot. Take time to enjoy your food and drink and to reflect on the last four weeks. Observe what is being illuminated in your life while you watch the Full Moon rise at 7:23 pm (NSW time).

  • After the Full Moon Time, the waning Moon favours:
  • Deep cleansing treatments (skin, dental, hair, lymphatic…..)
  • A spring body cleanse to flush out waste and toxins
  • Removing unwanted body hair
  • Relaxing massage
  • Short haircuts need trimming more often and one can be very particular about it. In this case, the days when the Moon wanes through Virgo are best. Avoid washing and cutting your hair when the Moon moves through a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and you reduce the need to wash and condition your hair considerably over time.
  • Laundry, particularly when the Moon is in a water sign
  • Cleaning in general and particularly windows, tiles and floors is best when the Moon moves through fire or air signs
  • Dusting and vacuuming  is best when the waning Moon moves through fire or air signs
  • Working in the garden (always better when the Moon is in a water or earth sign)

Try it, spend less effort and time and get better results. The art of timing, it does make a difference.

Moontime Diary, Full Moon, Taurus

Australian Astrological Lunar Diary 2018

Enjoy the Full Moon rising at 7:23 pm (AEDT) this upcoming Saturday.

With love ‘n moonlight,

Moontime Diary


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