headaches and migraines at full-moon


Headaches and Migraines at Full Moon

This upcoming Full Moon in Taurus is exact at 3:45 am NSW time and falls on 1 degree 13 minutes Taurus. However, in the lead up to this, the intensive waxing period includes Pisces and Aries and this literally can cause headaches!

In the waxing phase (14 days, from New Moon to Full Moon), our bodies are in absorption mode, meaning that we absorb, retain water and also stimulants more effectively than in the waning phase (14 days, from Full Moon to New Moon). After two weeks of waxing, our internal cellular pressure has risen to very high and often makes itself felt by having swollen feet, feeling edgy and emotional, restless sleep ~ and/or headaches!

Why are some people more prone to headaches and migraines at Full Moon? What happens?

The combination of the high internal cellular pressure and the Moon moving through the signs of Pisces and Aries* just before New Moon, sensitizes us. If those prone to headaches and migraines then consume stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, nicotine, red wine, chocolate, cheese etc., they are more likely to trigger serious headaches or migraines than at any other time.

How to avoid headaches and migraines at Full Moon?

You could try to

  • Keep your schedule light so you have the opportunity to take time out if necessary
  • Avoid stimulants, loud music and bright lights
  • Avoid neck massages or hot baths, because stimulating the back of your neck ( Medulla Oblongata) can also be a trigger
  • Place cucumber slices under the mask to refresh your eyes while you are going through an episode …



*Pisces rules the feet and is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Aries rules the head, brain and eyes and is ruled by Mars.


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