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*Gemini by Jake Baddeley @Australia #JakeBaddeley #Moon #Diary #Lunar #Phase #Calendar #Astrology @MoontimeDiary

*Gemini by Jake Baddeley @Australia #JakeBaddeley #MoonDiary2017 #LunarDiary2017 #Phase #LunarDiaryCalendar #MoonCalendarDiary #Astrology @MoontimeDiary2017

  Align Your Thoughts to GEMINI SUPER FULL MOON

This Gemini Super Full Moon is exact at 22° in Gemini on Wednesday the 14th of December 2016  11:05 am 

The Moon is rising on Wednesday at 8:07 pm NSW time, let’s hope the sky is clear.

I quote Wikipedia here: “A super-moon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach (perigee) the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. This results in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from earth.”

Super Full Moon Time Diary

Celebrate with this beautiful Full Moon Lantern @MoontimeDiary @Byron Bay #SuperMoon #Diary #MoonLantern

Super-moons happen 4-6 times a year and appear up to 14% larger and more intense. This upcoming Super Full Moon in Gemini is the last Super-Moon this year.

According to NASA:

‘The Super-Moon of December 14th is remarkable for a different reason: it’s going to wipe out the view of the Geminid meteor shower.

Bright moonlight will reduce the visibility of faint meteors five to ten fold, transforming the usually fantastic Geminids into an astronomical footnote. Sky watchers will be lucky to see a dozen Geminids per hour when the shower peaks.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury @Astrology #Moon #Lunar #SuperMoon #Diary2017 @MoonTimeDiary

Align Yourself To Gemini Energy:

When the Moon and Sun occupy opposite signs, in this case, the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, we see a bright Full Moon reflecting the Sun’s light.

This is a short but very intensive time with high internal pressure and we tend to have interrupted sleep, feel more impulsive and emotional than usual. This is particularly so when the Full Moon aspects a personal planet in our birth chart, illuminating an area in our life which which would benefit from our attention.

Tracey Stranger, Australian author, Astrologer and leader for Inner Stillness has developed a wonderful ‘Zodiac Serenity Collection’ .

I am thrilled to present you here with a full length Gemini Teaser, the first of three Gemini Tracks. A wonderful dance of  musical notes and guided meditation helps you align with Gemini energy. Gain valuable insights and take action from a place of inner strength.

Particularly  relevant:

  • At Gemini Full or New Moon
  • At the 2.5 days every month when the Moon moves through the sign of Gemini
  • For the month of the year when the Sun moves through the sign of Gemini
  • For people with a Gemini Sun, Moon or Ascendant in their chart

Click  here, Relax and Align

We will feature Tracey’s ZODIAC ALIGNMENT meditations in the coming blogs and newsletters. CLICK HERE to purchase TRACK 2: INSPIRATION & TRACK 3: SERENITY


Moontime Diary 2017 @IrisDetenhoff @Lily Moses #Health #Moon #Lunar #Organic #Gardening #Astrology #Diary

To a healthy, organised and well aligned 2017

Find out more about practical Astrology:

Check out the Moontime Diary 2017

The Moontime Diary helps you align your health, home and garden activities with nature’s seasons and cycles. Discover how the Moon phases subtly influence you and your surroundings and find a simple way to make the most  of it.

Specific tips every day help you achieve better results in your garden, health and home environment. You will find the most effective times for beauty, massage or dental treatments, cleaning windows, moving house … just to mention a few.

Turn 2017 into a healthy and organised year for you.

And remember ~ the Full Moon is rising on 14th of December 2016  8:07 pm

Check out the Moontime Diary 2017





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