Dear Moontimers,

the Moontime Diary says on Monday and Tuesday the moon is waxing and transiting Pisces.  Pisces rules the feet and therefore anything you do to nurture and regenerate  your feet will have a really good effect on those days. A foot bath will be more energisingand a  massage too will be  on the stimulating end of the spectrum.  Because the moon is waxing and cells are absorbing, our feet will be slightly larger now. When you buy shoes while your feet are more sensitive, it is more likely that those shoes will be comfortable on all other days as well. Well, that’s a good reason to buy ( more) shoes.

Tuesday the moon is void of course from 10:36 am until 5:16 pm when it moves into Aries. Moon void of course happens every 2.5 days before the moon moves into a new sign and for some time does not make any aspects to other planets. It may only take a few minutes, it can last hours or sometimes even a day.  On Tuesday it is basically all day. Combine this with Mercury retrograde and better readjust your expectations and objectives, it is going to be frustrating.

Why? At the time when the moon doesn’t make any aspects, we tend to make unrealistic decicions and projects started now encounter delays and shortages. Howeverwe can use this time constructively to focus inwardly, rest and recharge or clean up.

By then we’ll be in the second quarter ( moon in Aries)and cellular pressure has been building up. This in combination with the pre christmas party joys can lead to hefty headaches.

Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday the moon is in Taurus and beautiful Venus flavours these days in rich and tasty food. Enjoy the pre christmas season.

Barry Eaton has interviewed me on his fabulous radio show and was pleasantly surprised of what he found out about the moon.


 click the above link to listen to the interview

Wish you a great week ahead, take care