Moontime Diary LeoThe gibbous Moon is waxing in Leo and is 135 degrees ahead of the sun. You can see it rise in the east in the late afternoon and see it set in the west around 3 am at night.

The days leading up to the Full Moon in Virgo are great for creating what you want, what you need and fitting it within the framework of your resources.

For the next couple of weeks this theme is very prominent in the sky (earth grand trine with Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Moon involved).

Some healthy pampering on the Full Moon might be a good idea.

Monday 5 March and Tuesday 6 March:

the Moon is waxing in Leo.

  • fantastic day for haircuts, colours and streaks
  • favourable day to make a good impression
  • excellent evening to dine out
  • good day for any creatively inspired endeavour or performance
  • avoid anything troubling or irritating to the heart
  • fresh fruit is especially nutritious now

Wednesday 7 March: 

the moon is void of course from 12:28 pm to 2:27 pm when it moves into Virgo.

  • allow your intense thoughts to transform into insights
  • haircuts and perms are very accurate and last longer
  • eat food high in fiber, low in salt

Thursday 8 March:

we have Full Moon in Virgo 8:39 pm 18°13’ void of course from 8:40 pm.

  • avoid operations and vaccinations today
  • inner tensions can lead to conflict
  • good day for laying turf

Friday 9 March:

the moon is void of course until 3:51 pm ingress into Libra.

  • good day for general garden maintenance
  • accommodate your customer’s needs
  • take care of private correspondence

Saturday 10 March:

the Moon is waning in Libra.

  • drink teas that support the kidneys, e.g. nettle
  • great day for partnership projects
  • paint jobs turn out well today

Sunday 11 March:

the Moon is void of course from 2:10 pm to 4:25 pm ingress into Scorpio.

  • cleansing and toning cosmetics are very effective
  • clean shoes and dust today
  • best time to fertilise roses

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