Sustainable and Healthy

Sustainable and Healthy

Thirty years ago, when I still lived in Germany, I was part of the ‘Oeko’ movement which gained in momentum. People like me were looking for a healthier life style, natural fiber and organic food.  As a result society nicknamed us “Mueslis” and “Auststeiger”, referring to our choice of breakfast, hand  knitted woolen jumpers and alternative ideas.

Mueslis zoomed in on environmental issues. We were suspicious of synthetics, chemicals and nuclear power.  And rightly so, chemical spills, radioactive waste and accidents in nuclear facilities abound…

At that time we thought we were the first ever generation to become aware of and concerned with these problems. Now, some 30 years later, I know we were not the first and we won’t be the last either. It seems every generation is faced with man made disasters triggered by greed and stupidity. Can we stop this trend? I don’t know…

But if we cannot, we’ll need to manage it… So where to start?

Let us look at our immediate environment, our home. I remember in the eighties when I was working as a nurse, there was a marked rise of allergies and asthma, indicating a hyper sensitivity to irritants in the immediate environment. Today many people carry puffers and medication routinely, but 30 years back, scientists were trying to figure out the cause of this. It wasn’t long before the  “Sick Building Syndrome or Building Pollutants” had been coined to describe a diverse range of symptoms caused by toxic building materials and chemicals used in residential building.

The following link to David Suzuki’s website tells you how to lighten the “Body Burden”, the accumulation of toxic chemicals inhaled, ingested and absorbed through the skin every day.

Follow these simple ABCs to unburden yourself, your family and your home.

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