Super Full Moon in Cancer


Super Full Moon in Cancer

Zodiac Art by Roberta Orpwood

Super Full Moon in Cancer

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Next Tuesday at 1:23 pm, the Moon at 11 degrees Cancer will be opposite the Sun  11 degrees in Capricorn. It will be super close to Earth, appearing larger and brighter, it’s gravity heightening our sensitivities.

The sign of Cancer, the crab, is a cardinal water sign. It is signified by the two breasts of a nurturing mother and ruled by the Moon. Cancer is the most fertile sign of the 12 zodiac signs and relates to 4th House matters such as mothers, children, childhood memories, family, emotional foundation, home and gardening ( great time to fertilize and plant leafy vegetables).

When the Moon moves through the constellation of Cancer we are more sensitive, sentimental and protective. We find we nurture ourselves and others with food, so be aware of overeating in the lead up to this Full Moon!

Harsh aspects such as the Sun in ambitions Capricorn opposing the Full Moon tend to shine a light upon otherwise hidden insecurities and fears. Neptune sextiling the Sun gives us an creative opportunity to express our feelings and heightened intuition (Neptune trine Moon).

Weather permitting, do try and watch this Super Full Moon rise, either on Monday at 7:07 pm or Tuesday at 8:12 pm (AEDT). It is a precious time to nurture yourself and your loved ones. Bathe in the moonlight, the ocean, a lake, pool or tub and meditate upon women and mothers throughout the ages.

Super Full Moon in Cancer

In the lead up to our next Super Full Moon in Cancer, I find myself reading ‘Goddess Wisdom’ by Tanishka.  I feel nurtured, validated and on track, thank you Tanishka, for your wonderful work which I highly recommend.

Moontime Diary 2018

Monday and Tuesday are great days to plant and fertilize above ground and leafy vegetables and the nights are ideal to place your crystals in the moonlight.

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We at Moontime Diary wish you a

wonderful Super Moon in Cancer and a fabulous Year 2018

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