Super Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini zodiac illustration by Roberta Orpwood

2:46 am Monday 4th December 2017

This time the Full Moon is in the constellation of Gemini, an air sign signified by two columns. Mutable Geminis appreciate a good conversation, quick wit and free flow. Ask any Gemini for a commitment and you should find it very hard to get a definitive answer. This trait is perfectly reflected by Mercury, a silvery liquid metal as elusive and hard to catch.

Remember the old quicksilver glass thermometers? When one broke, Mercury was released in little silver droplet balls and moved swiftly all over the place. A good analogy to attempting to pin down a Gemini.

Make the most of the upcoming Super Full Moon in Gemini

As a result of the Moon moving around the Earth in an elliptical orbit, it’s distance to the Earth varies. The times when the moon is closest to earth is called perigee and when it is furthest away is called apogee. This Full Moon is a Super Moon, because it coincides with it’s orbit being closest to the Earth and therefore appears larger and more luminous.

This Super Full Moon in Gemini 11 degrees, has a strong emphasis on fiery Sagittarius (Venus, Sun, Saturn, Mercury) and exactly squares Neptune 11 degrees Pisces adding emotional and/or nebulous undertones. To top this constellation, Mercury in Sagittarius is moving retrograde from Monday onward until it turns direct again on the 24th December.

Therefore our upcoming Super Full Moon in Gemini is shrouded in nebulous clouds and echoes the confusion we might experience at the end of 2017.

So what to do? As always in retrograde Mercury times: back up your important data, take cancellations and delays in account when traveling and postpone big decisions. The three R’s are most helpful to keep your calm: reflect, rewrite and redo.

Make the most of our upcoming Super Full Moon in Gemini

Super Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon Lantern

This Sunday evening is the perfect time to observe what is being illuminated in your life while watching the Full Moon rise at 7:15 pm (NSW time).

Find yourself a beautiful spot and have pen and paper handy. Think about Christmas, of the loved ones you want to write to, think of gifts and the wording on Christmas cards, the food you like to have etc…. In short, preparing yourself with lists is more constructive and helps you stay centered in the lead up to Christmas.

The two weeks after the Super Full Moon in Gemini favor:

  • Cleaning in general
  • Cleaning windows, tiles and floors is best when the Moon moves through fire or air signs
  • Dusting and vacuuming  is best when the waning Moon moves through fire or air signs
  • Laundry, particularly when the Moon is in a water sign
  • Deep cleansing treatments (skin, dental, hair, lymphatic…..)
  • A spring body cleanse to flush out waste and toxins
  • Removing unwanted body hair
  • Relaxing massage
  • Short haircuts need trimming more often and one can be very particular about it. In this case, the days when the Moon wanes through Virgo are best.
  • Working in the garden (always better when the Moon is in a water or earth sign)

The Art of Timing with the Moontime Diary 2018. Spend less effort and time and get better results.

Super Full Moon in Gemini

Australian Astrological Lunar Diary 2018

Enjoy the Full Moon rising at 7:15 pm (AEDT) this upcoming Sunday.

With love ‘n moonlight,

Moontime Diary


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