Simple Ways Of Reducing Waste

Our Natural Environment is the most precious resource humankind has. Therefore it makes sense to become aware of what really is going on and how each of us can contribute to making a difference.

If we improve our own daily habits at home and at work, we model more responsible behaviour for our youngsters.  Did you know, children learn 80% through copying what they see? A scary thought and also one that gives hope, since the children of today are the adults of tomorrow. Therefore let’s keep trying.

Recycling is a way of value-adding, for example, clothes. There is a time when you want to move old clothes on and the best way I find is St. Vinnies. Australian Op Shops are really opportunity shops, value-adding shops. Clothes and a myriad of items get sold over and over, are passed on many times before they hit the landfill.

Simple ways of reducing waste:

  • Reduce by buying durable and quality items instead of quantity
  • Buy environmentally friendly products, made from recycled material
  • Avoid buying hazardous materials
  • Avoid disposable plastic spoons, cups, bags, furniture, nappies
  • Buy and use products with minimum packaging, avoid single packed/wrapped items
  • Reuse containers, packaging materials
  • Use multi-use items instead of disposables e.g. cloth napkins and towels instead of paper
  • Print on both sides of the paper to reduce paper waste
  • Donate old books and clothes
  • Recycle things which you otherwise would end up in landfill
  • Recycle locally to reduce transport


Simple Ways Of Reducing Waste

This little poster prints out well on A4 and makes a

great reminder next to the bathroom mirror until the new habits have formed.


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More Simple Ways Of Reducing Waste

Another little poster which prints out well on A4 and makes a

great reminder next to the bathroom mirror until the new habits have formed.

Simple ways to reduce waste