The Moontime Diary 2019 features zodiac illustrations by Josephine Wall

Setting Intentions at New Moon

In times gone by, most cultures celebrated seasonal markers such as equinoxes, solstices, new and full moons. Traditionally these gatherings were devoted to fertility goddesses and gods, asking for healthy, abundant crops and giving thanks. Celebrating with like-minded people combines their energy and powerfully infuses these rituals.

However, why not develop your own ritual for setting your own intentions at the New Moon? It is a personal affair and can be very insightful, fun and rewarding – so be playful. Here are some ideas for a ritual to celebrate the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio next Thursday.

Allow yourself some quite time and set up a nice space to still your mind. Have a pen handy, paper, matches, a fire-proof dish and items which represent the zodiac sign, element and/or direction. For example:

  • A shell and a dish filled with fresh water can represent water and west.
  • A red candle and/or cleansing smudge can represent the fire element and north.
  • Incense and flowers – the air element and east.
  • A piece of wood and a crystal – the earth element and south.

Leading up the the New Moon

During the days/hours just before New Moon, it is easier to calm down and reflect on the last cycle and it’s issues, particularly those relevant to the sign of Scorpio. This time  is a great opportunity to finally let go of something you do not want to take over into the next cycle. So take the time to ponder, write it down and release it by burning it in the fire proof dish.

Once the impulse changed from waning (out breath) to waxing (in breath), it is time to start the upcoming cycle with a positive spin. Brainstorming and daydreaming is like meditating upon subjects important to you or those relevant to the sign of Scorpio.

Setting Intentions at New Moon

The New Moon and the first couple of days after are the most opportune time to consciously set new goals and write down intentions for the next lunar cycle. This way new beginnings have a positive startup and that in turn helps you cultivate new habits, gather and expand.

Once you feel ready to end your session, center yourself and breathe deeply into your heart. Give thanks to your higher self and the moon, focus on your loving feeling of gratitude and allow it to expand, for as long as you like.Feedback Moontime Diary 2019 Shop Fine Tune to the Moon


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