Scented Moon Garden ~ Make Your Own ~

Springtime ~ the scent of flowers attracts me like the bees, I just love to be in the garden now. This year I am particularly inspired by Rene’s ‘Scented Moon Garden’ contribution to the Moontime Diary 2019.  Creating your own ‘Scented Moon Garden’ is fun and simple and can provide a special place of tranquility and serenity from twilight to dawn .

Delight your senses

~ I have a flowerbed in my garden in which I planted white, light pink and blue flowers and they are just starting to bloom. Yesterday I bought a Star of Bethlehem which will go into the ground now before the Full Moon.
Sitting next to this blooming patch, I enjoy the bees, the tranquility and peace. At night I see white the flowers and foliage glow in the moonlight and smell the sweet scent of spring. It really delights my senses.

Scented Moon Garden

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You can use basically any white or light colored flowering plant, however, some do have a lovely scent. I adore the Southern Magnolia which grows in a front garden down the road here. And Jasmine, of course, the bringer of spring in my garden is a classic too.

As I get older I am so delighted by the beauty, design and color of flowers in my and other’s gardens. And since I have been gardening by the moon, I have developed quite a green thumb I may say. Ask my son, he witnessed the change…



 Moontime Diary 2019 Shop Fine Tune to the MoonTo enhance the picture and help you design your own Scented Moon Garden, you’ll find more plants and inspiration in the Moontime Diary 2019.

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