Organic Gardening by the Moon ~ Weeding

Organic Gardening by the Moon ~ Weeding

You might have noticed that sometimes when you weed, it takes a while before you need to have another go at it. At other times you find that weeds are growing back stronger and faster.

How is this possible?

The growth and decay cycle of plants is influenced by nature’s seasons and cycles. By planting, fertilizing and tending to plants at the right time, you nurture their growth and productivity. Tend to the plant at the wrong time and you stifle it’s growth, you could even kill it! Which might be exactly what you would like to do to some unfortunate weedy plants establishing themselves in the wrong places.

For the past 20 years I have been gardening the 1000 m2 around me and I have to admit that the main tasks has been weeding! No matter what I try, there is always some plant getting out of control. Don’t get me wrong, I am a friend of lush growths and flowers and weeds too,  however, here in subtropical Northern NSW, this takes on a different dimension. Because I don’t spray chemicals, I needed to find other avenues to reduce the time I spend weeding. One way was, giving up on the idea of a perfectly manicured garden and then I also learned a few tricks. Now I manage just fine.

Organic Gardening by the Moon ~ Weeding

General Rules to reducing weed growth:

Pull out weeds with roots, before the plant flowers

Avoid weeding when the moon is waxing in fruitful signs such as Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces

Use the days when the Moon is waning in barren signs such as Aries, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius; (the moon is waning in the two weeks between Full and New Moon).

Closer to New Moon, most of the plants sap is in the root system. This is an excellent time to pull out the whole plant with roots. Make sure you don’t leave little weedy bits and pieces behind, because often, those leftovers are enough for it to regrow.

Moon in Sagittarius, semi barren, is different though!

It is said, that weeding while the Moon is in Sagittarius, encourages the root growth of plants.  In other words, AVOID Sagittarius Moon to weed Bindies, Hydrocottle, Singapour Daisy and other plants which spread via their root system. Furthermore, be aware that some plants when pulled out, will leave a tiny little knob in the soil which regrows eventually…

Organic Gardening by the Moon ~ Weeding


If you grow rot crops, Sagittarius Moon is just what you need.

Although it is deemed barren and not ideal for planting or transplanting, radishes are said to grow well when planted on the waning Moon in Sagittarius.  As with the other Fire signs, fruit picked during moon in Sagittarius is said to store well. This sign is also used for the planting of hay, endive, alliums, peppers and chicory.

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