New Moon Sagittarius

New Moon Sagittarius

Zodiac Art Illustrations by Roberta Orpwood

New Moon in Sagittarius

Monday 18 December 2017

Next Monday the Moon and Sun will meet at 26 degrees in Sagittarius at 5:30 pm (AEDT).

Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, is signified by the arrow pointing to the future and ruled by our expansive and enthusiastic  planet Jupiter. Sagittarius relates to 9th House matters such as long distance travel, higher mind, philosophy, religion, law and the legal process, agreements, alchemy, natural flow, meditation, chants and rituals.

When the Sun or Moon moves through the constellation of Sagittarius we are more inspired, philosophical and optimistic. We have a  sense of fairness and feel adventurous with a strong need for independence.

Harmonious aspects to the Sun or Moon in Sagittarius help us advance anything related to Sagittarius. Stressful aspects can give us a feeling of restriction and maybe even worse, trigger panic attacks. We might be blunt and prone to exaggeration.

New Moon in Sagittarius

This New Moon emphasizes the fire element with retrograde Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon and Saturn in enthusiastic Sagittarius trining Uranus in Aries. We all should feel the buzz and excitement on Monday leading up to Christmas. As long as we are not required to pay attention to detail, it will be a joyous day.

Around 7 pm one after the other (retrograde Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon and Saturn) are setting in the west, bringing the day to a close. Weather permitting, this evening would be nice for a Christmas dinner or picnic with colleagues or friends.


Australian Astrological Lunar Diary 2018

Harness and make the most of the New Moon in Sagittarius energy

Moon Rituals increase our awareness of seasons and cycles and they help us create more consciously. If you have the opportunity on Monday evening or Tuesday, find yourself a quiet place and have pen and paper handy.

New Moons are a wonderful occasion to identify your personal theme and let go of baggage to lighten your step. Ponder, write and draw anything you would like to banish, such as unhealthy habits or things you can’t change. Release those by burning your paper safely.

New Moons are also the best opportunity to ponder, write and draw anything you would like to plan and achieve in the next cycle. To keep those inspirations visible, stick them to a mirror or fridge.

To reflect on issues related to Sagittarius, you can ask yourself questions such as:

How can I

  • Be free and independent and also discover true intimacy?
  • Connect to my feelings and make them work for me?
  • Expand my understanding of higher knowledge?


Whatever you do, have fun this upcoming Monday and



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#New Moon in Sagittarius