the Best Opportunity to release

  • that which you do not want to take into the next cycle.

AND the Best Time to set

  • intentions and goals

  • or simply daydream creatively

As we become more aware of what is going on around us, we are realizing that we are only the center of our own personal universe which is part of a much bigger picture and energy. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, stressed or confused, you can try to tune in to the lunar cycles. This way you are more effective with your chores and and also become more conscious of your own creativity.
The New Moon and the Full Moon mark the moments where the impulse changes from waning to waxing to waning. The next New Moon is on Sunday 13 September 2015, 20 degrees in Virgo. This New Moon is a partial Solar Eclipse, the first of two eclipses (second one will be a Supermoon and total Lunar Eclipse on the 28 September). Being an eclipse, gives this Virgo New Moon an energetic edge and intensity, especially for those who have personal planets aspecting 20 degrees Virgo in their native chart.

If you want to align to Virgo’s energy and be more effective then prepare yourself for the New Moon in Virgo on Sunday, 13 September at 4.44 pm Eastern Australian Time.

Identify an issue or habit related to Virgo which you do not want to carry over into the next lunar cycle and make some notes. Virgo is all about analytical and critical thinking, communication, order and structure, daily health, nerves, nutrition, digestion and practical work.

For example you can ask yourself:
  • How can I stop criticising others and myself?

Ideally take some quiet time around 4 pm is Sunday afternoon and make a bit of a ritual where you reflect on your notes. Tick off, cross through or burn what you want to leave behind for example being too critical, messy bookkeeping, untidy desk etc.

This way you can transform and free up space which you will fill with better things to think about and create with in the next lunar cycle.

Replace this outdated habit with something more constructive and proactive

To find new and more constructive ways for your future, keep asking yourself the same question over and over again. Brainstorm, take notes and you will come up with a strategy forward.

For example:

  • How can I be of true service to others?    ~ maybe help children learn how to read…
  • How can I become and stay more organized at home and at work? ~ maybe take 10 minutes every morning and evening for a swift clean up around the house/ office…

Set intentions and goals

For example:

  • My goal is to have the whole tax thing done and dealt with by the next New Moon in four weeks. My plan is to have all ready for the accountant in two weeks at Full Moon and soon make an appointment with the accountant for the waning phase.

Or simply daydream creatively…

Being aware of the seasons, cycles and planets  helps you be more consciously creative, organized and effective in your everyday life.