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Natural Zodiac Cosmetic

if you have been gardening by the Moon you are experiencing that it really helps you grow healthy plants and nutritious vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Once you see the results you get by tending to your plants in tune with the Moon, you might wonder if you could apply the same principles to your own well being?

What are the Principles?

  • The Moon’s waxing and waning phases:

The waxing phase promotes the absorption of moisture, nutrients and the growth cycle.

The waning phase enhances the elimination and cleansing processes of the body.

  • The zodiac signs your personal Sun and Moon are in:

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Natural Zodiac Cosmetic

For example let’s say you are a Gemini. You most likely have noticed that hands are actually important to you. You may have an eye for hands, you might tend to injure yours, they could be chaffed, dry or maybe you are very creative with your hands…. In other words, a strong emphasis on Gemini usually highlights an awareness of your own and/or other’s hands.

  • The zodiac sign the current transiting Moon is in:

The idea is that if you want to do something which benefits your hands ( hand massage, finger exercises, healing and nourishing creams), it is best to do it at the right time to achieve better results. Conversely, if you excessively stress your hands on these days, the effect is more detrimental than on other days!

Fine Tune to the Moon

The Moontime Diary 2018 features beauty recipes by Beauty Bliss Ocean Shores. You might find that the Chocolate Truffle Mask, the Hand Sugar Scrub, Coffee Body Scrub and several other yummy recipes used at the right time, benefit your body in a gentle but remarkable way.

Natural Zodiac CosmeticThe Moontime Diary 2018 makes it easy for you. You find daily pointers aligned to the Moon and you can follow those tips which are important to you.


Try it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


With love ‘n moonlight,



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