New Moon In Aquarius

Moontime-Diary-AquariusYesterday, Sunday 10 February 2013 the New Moon was in Aquarius and as always, New Moon times are the beginning of a new cycle. So why not make the best of it? We still are in the first phase of the cycleand it is a fabulous time to take the opportunity and start this cycle consciously.

Interestingly enough, this New Moon in Aquarius always coincides with the Chinese New Year – or rather vice versa, the Chinese  New Year starts on Aquarius New Moon. Celebrations  might seem a bit over the top sometimes, however they do create awareness of the event.

At home on your own turf, you can ponder on issues related to Aquarius like individuality, reasoning, wisdom, inventions and technological pursuits, social welfare, organisations ( page 43 of the Moontime Diary 2013).

This Aquarius New Moon has a particular significance regarding technology. The imminent threat of ‘’ really perfectly matches this vibration. So why not ponder about our campaigns and strategies to effectively avert this brutal onslaught and keep our environment clean and pristine.

Take this moment and visualize the mining companies retreating, the land staying healthy and abundant, with bees and butterflies, our children and grand children dancing in the meadows, beaches and forests. This is the time to be informed, google ….. get up and organize together.
If we set our deeper consciousnesses on the right track and ask the universe for the best results possible for earth and humans, we can safely embark in the right direction without fear of disappointment, lack and missed opportunities.

Thursday 14 February is Valentines Day

this day with Moon in Aries and Mars in Pisces conjunct Mercury could well lead to some emotional outbursts of expression  However, if the day can be appreciated from a  loftier more unconventional perspective,   rather active and void of over expectations, we all should be able to enjoy.

Because the moon now is in the waxing phase,

everything nurturing and regenerative is more effective. In fire signs like Aries, this means seeds, fruit and fruiting vegetables are being metabolized more efficiently and provide building blocks which allow your body to renew and repair cells and tissues more effectively.

Weekend Moon In Taurus

This waxing phase is just perfect to prepare  a working bee weekend for your garden. Later at Friday evening, the moon moves into Taurus, when gardening is favored.  Taurus an earth sign relates to root vegetables, which particularly benefit when tended to and also are more nutritious for our bodies…..

And not only your body is in absorption, building mode, also your projects benefit from you researching and collecting building blocks.  Overcome obstacles on the weekend which really are opportunities to learn and apply new knowledge.

All the best for the upcoming week,

new moon blessings