Moontime Baking Soda

Bicarb Soda keeps your Ph balanced, your skin soft and surfaces clean

Moontime Diary and Baking Soda?

We at Moontime Diary want to inspire people to use less synthetic chemicals around their body, home and garden. The best way to achieve this is by identifying the best time for specific activities and by using non toxic substances.

Bicarb Soda is one of these. It occurs naturally, is biodegradable, extremely versatile, odorless, inexpensive and widely available. There is aluminium free baking soda which I recommend for cosmetic and internal use. For cleaning jobs the commercial one which can buy in the supermarket is fine.

Here you find some very useful ways to use Bicarb Soda. Try it out, you really will be amazed! It is worth to go online and find out more about Bicarb Soda.

Health and Wellbeing

For internal and cosmetic use I recommend the aluminium free Bicarb (health food shops).

  • Teeth:

A small glass with Bicarb Soda next to your basin is handy. Just dab your damp toothbrush into it and clean your teeth. It balances the ph in your mouth, prevents ulcers and takes off plaque quite well.

  • Skin and Hair:

Dip your finger into it, rub it between your hands with some water and when you feel it turning smooth and soft, wash your face with it. Not only does it clean very well, it also softens your skin and helps balance the ph of skin and hair. Less pimples and no greasy hair.

  • Internal Use:

Drinking a glass of water mixed with half a teaspoon of Bicarb Soda ( Aluminium free) in the morning and night is one of the easiest ways to balance the pH of our metabolism.
Helps alleviate cravings for sweets, head aches and sore muscles because over acidity often is the cause.

I have a small dish of Bicarb Soda sitting next to my kitchen sink.

  • Dishes

Add some Bicarb to your dish washing water or your dishwasher and you will be surprised how clean your glasses sparkle.
To remove burnt food: Generously sprinkle Bicarb on burned pots and BBQs. Add hot water and let it soak overnight.

  • Odor:

A small dish filled with Bicarbonate Soda sitting in the fridge absorbs any smells. It works in cupboards and other potentially smelly places too.
Sprinkle and leave it on carpets to deodorize them, vacuum later.

  • Cleaning:

It cleans surfaces like windows, tiles and mirrors, sink, bath tub and toilet as well. Either mix a cup of Bicarb with a bucket of water or put powder straight onto sponge and scrub.

  • Laundry:

You can add 1/2 a cup of Bicarb to your washing powder to soften the water. This mix easily removes grease and stains from clothes and also softens your laundry.

  • Jewelry:

Mix with a little water, make a paste. and polish jewelry and silver ware. You also can put your ring into an aluminium paper, shaped like a little dish, sprinkle Bicarb Soda on it and ad hot water. It frizzles and cleans silver. Careful with some gem stones though.

This is part of ‘Simple Measures~ Great Results’ by Iris Detenhoff