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Aries Full Moon 2017 this coming Friday 6 October 2018

at 5:40 am at 12 degrees Aries 

This time the Full Moon is in the constellation of Aries, a cardinal fire sign which is signified by a pair of Aries horns. Aries is associated with the initiating force of ambition, conquest, pioneering spirit, leadership and excellence in sport.

While the Sun illuminates the male, active force, the changeable Moon is passive, receptive and reflective. The Moon indicates our emotional, instinctive and fearful behaviors therefore people with the Moon in Aries tend to fear personal attack and loss of identity.

Full Moon in Aries is usually one of the more intense and highly strung Full Moons of the year.During and after the Full Moon time a square from Mars and Venus to Saturn adds extra pressure by bringing up old limitations and doubt. So look out for and embrace what is being illuminated.

How can we make the most of the Aries Full Moon 2017 this upcoming Friday?

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Taking time out for yourself helps you avoid some of the pitfalls. Practicing ‘Non Violent Communication’ skills (click here for a great introduction with Marshal Rosenberg) will definitely be helpful and going for a run rids you of the pent up energy.

If you are invited to a party this Friday, be aware of how much you drink. It is very likely you end up with a mega hangover because Aries rules the head and eyes …. fast vehicles, hot and sharp things …. So whatever you do, please slow down to avoid accidents and be conscious about the general atmosphere when in crowded places.

After the Full Moon Time, the waning Moon favors:

  • Deep cleansing treatments (skin, dental, hair, lymphatic…..)
  • A spring body cleanse to flush out waste and toxins
  • Removing unwanted body hair
  • Relaxing massage
  • Short haircuts need trimming more often and most of us tend to be very particular about it. In this case, the days when the Moon wanes through Virgo are best. Avoid washing and cutting you hair when the Moon moves through a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and you reduce the need to wash and condition your hair considerably over time.
  • Laundry, particularly when the Moon is in a water sign
  • Cleaning in general and particularly windows, tiles and floors is best when the Moon moves through fire or air signs
  • Dusting and vacuuming  is best when the waning Moon moves through fire or air signs
  • Working in the garden (always better when the Moon is in a water or earth signs)

Try it, it really makes a difference.

Australian Astrological Lunar Diary 2018

Australian Astrological Lunar Diary 2018


Enjoy the Mull Moon rising at 7:30 pm ( AEDT on Friday

With love n moonlight

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