Moontime Diary Window CleaningWaning moon always is good for cleaning and other hands on jobs around the house. On days when the waning moon is in Aries, a fire sign, the atmosphere usually is  hot and dry. Thereforeit is  an ideal time for cleaning glass, tiles, mirrors and other hard,  shiny surfaces.  Try it out for yourself. I use a mix of water and bicarbonate soda ( 1/2 a teaspoon maximum in 1 liter of water)  in a spray bottle and wipe it off with either black and white newspaper or my new favorite microfiber cloth. It works like a treat:)

Aries just wants to get on with it and gives us  a great opportunity for clearing out generously,  removing weeds in the garden or renovating.

On Wednesday, when the moon moves into Taurus,

an earth sign, the energetic flavor changes and the atmosphere will be rather cool and earthy.  Days when cleaning windows will be less easy and less effective.

However, should you need to move some earth on your property, want to put down pavers in your garden, start a compost or plant root vegetables, make the most of those days when the moon is  waning in an earth sign like Taurus.

Moontime TreeThe interesting thing is: at the time while the moon is waningand cells  exhale, release moisture and contract,  the earth is inhaling, absorbing moisture and nutrients. And vice versa, when the moon is waxing and all cells are in absorption mode, the earth is exhaling, releasing moisture and nutrients. This makes the waning moon a good time to water and fertilize and provide the soil with the nutrients needed for plant and insect life to flourish. Mulching too helps this process.

Friday 7th of September, the waning moon moves into Gemini at 2:10 pm.

Anything related to Gemini, an air sign, will be be affected. Communication, particularly with siblings and friends, neighbors and also social networking should come easily and be fun. Make the most of it by showing up and being there.

The voice box, ears, throat and shoulders relate to Taurus, the shoulders, arms, hands, lungs and the way we breath relate to Gemini. This sequence of days is just a very conducive time for musicians and singers to practice breathing and finger techniques and gentle singing exercises.  Basically from Wednesday through to Sunday pm.

If you would like daily moon pointers throughout the year or want to keep track of all the other planets we consider in Astrology, you really should check out the Moontime Diary 2013! It has a wealth of useful information and inspires you to live a healthy life style in tune with nature.

Wish you a fabulous week ahead and send you

Love ‘n moonlight