'Lilith' by Babula Clement

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Moontime Diary 2018 introduces Black Moon Lilith


This year the Moontime Diary features Lilith, the Black Moon, written by Babula Clement. You will be able to follow Lilith daily transits, read up on aspect interpretations and also check and interpret the aspects Lilith is making to your own chart.

The Black Moon is not a planet or other form of physical body in the sky. It is an invisible energy vortex located on the Moon’s orbital path at the point furthest from the earth. The Black Moon, or Lunar Apogee, travels along the zodiac at approximately 40 degrees per year, taking nine years to orbit through the zodiac. Many refer to the Black Moon as Lilith, and her story is important in understanding some key themes.

Lilith is of ancient Sumerian origin and her unique mysterious qualities, power and her apparent demise at the rise of the Arian Age is hardly known to us. Lilith does reappear in early Hebrew texts as Adam’s first wife (before Eve) and is known for her rebellion against Adam’s insistence on wifely subservience. Subsequently Lilith has been demonised by the patriarchal religions and symbolically still plays out in the lives of men and women today.

Lilith by John Collier

The Black Moon in our birth chart describes our particular experience of the exile, the demonisation and disempowerment of the feminine in our own lives, our family, lineage and the world around us. Her placement in our chart discloses what are often

painful and intense buried feelings such as fear, guilt, confusion, rage andfury, numbness, devastating loss, illness and black depression. Childbirth and fertility issues, sexuality, gender and power issues in relationships are common. She is also significant during times of death and dying.

Healing these issues is both a personal and collective task. As we take this deep journey of recovery, we discover a profound connection to the Mysteries of the divine feminine, the ‘Dark Mother’, the source of all things.

The Black Mother can be found around the world as Lilith of Sumeria and Babylon, the Serpent Goddess, Black Isis in Egypt, Kali in Hindu India, the Black Tara of Tibet, the Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene.
She is the Divine Mother, Shakti power, the Void, the Cosmic Womb out of which all life arises and to which all life returns – even universes.

She is all powerful, terrifying, loving and compassionate, magnificent and mysterious. Her earthly symbols are trees, the serpent, the owl, lions and tigers – in fact all wild things. She is a deep still lake and a wild tornado.She is a fruitful tree and a destructive earthquake. She is birth and death. She exists deep in the shadows and in our soul memory.


A prominent natal Black Moon may indicate a person who is deeply involved in eco-activism, political activism, active feminism, sacred tantric sexual practices, shamanism, healing, reverence of the Dark Goddess, the fierce protection of the downtrodden, exiled and scorned.

Our increasing awareness of her astrological significance indicates the return of feminine power and love-light in the world. Through openness to the loving power of the mother within lies healing and wholeness.

Moontime Diary 2018 introduces Black Moon Lilith

The Mother is returning to the world. She is clearly making her presence felt in our hearts, bringing the hope of a new balance upon earth at this extra-ordinary time of transition.


The Moontime Diary 2018

features ‘Lilith, the Black Moon’, written by Babula Clement. You will be able to follow Lilith’s daily transits, read up on aspect interpretations and also check and interpret the aspects Lilith is making to your own chart.





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