Moon Void of Course – WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Stop-Wasting-Time-And-Do-Your-WorkWe all have noticed that there are times when new projects start off well and other times when our effort is in vain and doesn’t amount to much.

Is this a message from  the universe that it is not meant to be or could it be just bad timing? An understanding of the ‘Moon void of course’ periods can be very helpful here.

On her journey around the earth and through the zodiac signs, the Moon makes aspects to other planets, receiving and reflecting their cosmic rays. While relating to other planets in this way, the Moon is exchanging energy and information. We too interact with the world around us and take into account information and advice from others.

The times when the Moon makes no more aspects to other planets before entering the next sign are called ‘Moon void of course’ (voc). This happens every two and a half days and may take only a few minutes, hours or sometimes even more than a day.  While making no aspects to other planets, the Moon is not receiving any feedback or counsel and is just doing her own thing. ‘Moon void of course’ (voc) ends at the time when the Moon moves into the next zodiac sign.

What does it mean for us? It means that we tend to make unrealistic decisions and/or waste our precious time by starting new projects which will encounter delays and shortages and often never develop.  Decisions made might never be acted upon and important meetings and job interviews won’t amount to much. All this can be very frustrating for us…..

When the Moon void of course time is more than a few hours, it is best to avoid starting new projects and if you can, plan important meetings for another time.  Also don’t go on extended shopping sprees because things bought while the moon is void rarely get used and just take up cupboard space.

However, life still goes on and we can use this time more constructively by tying up loose ends and cleaning up. Meditate and focus inwardly to reflect on and process what is happening in your busy live. Or simply recharge your batteries and do what you really like doing e.g. play tennis, walk your dog.

Depending on the phase and zodiac sign the moon is in, I often multitask at these times. While I clean up as I go I ponder specific tasks, or questions. Other favorites are walking my dog, doing yoga at home and definitely going out for lunch with friends!

Once the voc period ends it is time to move on, refreshed and ready for action. So yes, you can turn Moon void of course into a constructive time.

If you want to know more about the Moon’s phases and positions, void of course times and how you can use it to your advantage, check out the Moontime Diary 2015.

This lunar diary gives you heaps of practical information anyone can use every day of the year 2015.

With love n moonlight,