Moon Phase Diary is Excellent

Moon Phase Diary is Excellent to fine-tune to the Moon

Why would you want to fine-tune to the Moon? What is it about the art of timing? As the fishermen and gardeners say: It’s easy, and it works!

We all have noticed how some days simple chores like cleaning windows have better results than on other days. When it is no big deal, we move on to the next window or thing to do. Whereas on different days, the harder we try, the more streaks we produce.

Same for fishing, there are times when the fish bite better. The acquainted fisherman determines favourable fishing times by the Sun and Moonrise, and those who go out in a boat prefer to do so with the outgoing tide, using less fuel or paddle power.

Many gardeners and farmers use the Moon phases for planting, watering and fertilizing. The Moon also plays an exciting and vital role in harvesting times, preserving and administering herbs and nutrients for herbalists and nutritionists.

When harvesting timber, one can determine the best time of the year and month to ensure the resulting wood is of superior quality for building structures, furniture or instruments. Famous buildings, ships and valuable musical instruments like violins have traditionally been constructed with wood harvested explicitly at the right time!

Effectively it means saving time, effort and resources. Once you get the idea, experimenting with the Moon phases becomes second nature. It’s easy, and it works!

How does it work?

While the Moon is going around the earth, it has a gravitational pull on water (moisture and fluids), which pulls on the oceans (tides), rivers and lakes. In humans, it subtly influences blood, lymphatic and cerebral fluids, and in plants, the Moon’s gravitation pulls on the sap.Moontime Moon Diary

While the Moon is waxing for two weeks until it is full Moon, we see it getting fuller. On a cellular level, everything is in absorption mode in the two weeks leading up to the full Moon. Gardeners and farmers observe seeds readily absorbing moisture from its surrounding until the full Moon when they sprout.

We humans, too, tend to absorb and retain fluids, absorb more nutrients and put on pounds. Imagine you breathe in deeply and count up to 14 (days of waxing until full Moon). Your lungs are filling, and your internal pressure is rising. When you are ready to burst at 14 (full Moon), the impulse changes, and you let go. As you exhale, the internal pressure is reducing.

The primary mechanism behind the workings of the Moon is absorbing and releasing moisture, and with it, anything dissolved/ carried by it, such as nutrients, information and energy. This is how the hydraulics of the Moon influences the growth and decay cycle of all living beings.

Once we realize, we can tune into this natural and consistently reoccurring cycle; we can lead a healthier lifestyle more in harmony with nature.

All you need is the Moontime Diary, a lunar diary that features exact times and inspires you with practical tips throughout the year.

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