‘Failing to plan is planning to Fail’

An interesting statement, particularly if we look at it from a gardeners and a farmers point of view.

Depending on which climate zone one lives in, it makes sense to work not only with the seasonsbut to also look at the moon cycles. This takes looking ahead, preparing and making time for the appropriate activity like planting, fertilizing or harvesting….

It is the same as going to town to do some shopping. This most effectively done when the shops are open, or else, we spend time, energy and effort just to be frustrated and save money.

Being aware of the lunar phases gives you a distinct advantage in your gardening activities, personal and family health and other planning. Implementing this know how makes it easy to life a healthy life style, quite naturally in harmony with nature.

Moontime Diary Organic HarvestThe only thing you need is to understand is that we humans are like  plants and animals living beingsand we can tend to ourselves and our family in the same way as we tend to our garden. No big effort, just a matter of timing.

When you tune into the natural cycles, you will have better results, use less energy and produce less waste. However subtle this influence first seems to be, you’ll quickly notice how well it works, the results speak for themselves!

Moontime Diary publishes a yearly almanac specifically for Australia with all the practical seasonal and lunar information you need for a healthy, easier life style.

If you want to make the most of your New Year resolutions and are looking for useful, supportive and  practical  inspiration every day next year make sure you have your Moontime Diary 2013 by your side.  It will be your best friend throughout the whole year 2013.

The Moontime Diary 2013 is packed with information. Every day the header tells you the  current moon phase and position,  underneath you find three practical pointers regarding personal well being, gardening, home keeping and other planning.

For Astrologers the Moontime Diary 2013 provides daily planetary aspects and monthly planetary tables. You also can transcribe your own horoscope into the empty chart wheel and relate the transiting planets to your personal chart. A delight for every Astrologer.

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The Moontime Diary 2013, Moon Planner and Moontime Calendar 2013 provides helpful tables and insight into gardening by the moon phases and so much more…..

I wish you a fabulous weekend ahead, in tune with the moon,