Moon Phase Calendar and Diary

Moontime Diary CountdownGreetings to everyone,

today on Boxing Day Holiday, the phase is waning and with the moon in Virgo it is the perfect time to make contact with your wider circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances, email, write letters or post cards. Today also is perfect time to initiate your new Moontime Diary for 2011. Virgo likes structures and dates and getting things just right.

Tuesday and Wednesday when the moon is in Libra, make the most of close relationships and take the opportunity to harmonise any bumps and bruises that may have lingered from the intense Christmas period.

On Thursday, when the moon is in Scorpio go for light and leafy meals to make things simple for your digestive system. Nourish and sooth your soul today and reflecting upon the past year to get ready for New Years Eve on Friday and the Year 2011.

The coming weekend next year is an excellent time to meet friends and new people. Don’t excert yourself, rather go for a relaxing walk and make sure you stay hydrated – with this weather hydration is probably guaranteed.

Next week on Tuesday the new moon is in Capricorn and at the same time the sun partially eclipses too! A powerful time for setting positive intentions and planning for the coming business year! Make sure you start pondering your aspirations now to make the most of this first full moon in 2011.

As the Year 2011 approaches I thank you for your support, interest and being a part of our journey ~ it is because of you that Moontime Diary is getting better and more beautiful. We wish you a gentle and enjoyable transition from the old to the new year ahead, in best health and company.

Many loving and joyous, compassionate and generous Moon Blessings