Moon Deities

Artemis is probably the most well known moon goddess in our culture and is associated with the waxing moon. The Greek worshipped and paid homage to her on full moon nights by revelling in the forest under the moon’s light.

Diana is the Roman version of Artemis. Often Diana is portrayed riding the moon with a bow in her hands. Diana too was worshipped out in the open so that she could look down on her faithful.

Juno the Roman sky and moon goddess brought out her women worshippers on the new moon.

Hecate, queen of the night rules spirits and ghosts and is the patroness of witchcraft. The Greek moon goddess is accompanied by dogs when she comes out at night carrying a torch. Worshippers pay tribute to her on the dark moon nights by leaving offerings at her statues.



The Egyptian Sky Goddess Nuit was the protector of the sky and all heavenly bodies, a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. She arches over earth and her inhabitants.