Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Today’s New Moon is 1 degree Libra and falls in the 7 Th house.
Libra is ruled by Venus and appreciates anything beautiful which enhances the overall feel of harmony and connection between people.
The seventh house rules any close relationship, marriage, business partners, agreements, treaties, diplomatic endeavors and known enemies.

To make the most of this super auspicious New Moon in Libra take a moment and ponder how you can improve your relationships.

Ask and answer yourself questions like:

Q: What can  I do to appreciate my partner more?
A: Run her/him a relaxing bath when s/he comes home from work.
1 handful of bicarbonate soda,
1 handful of magnesium salt (Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Tibetan Salt)
1 handful of milk powder,
10 drops of essential oils like Lavender ( relaxing) or Rosemary (stimulating ),
will make a wonderful nurturing bath, yummy for the body, heart and mind.
S/he will LOVE YOU for this:) and your heart softens. Maybe even share the bath tub?

Q: How can I attract beauty, peace and harmony?
A: Clean up clutter
A:  Beautify your surroundings with flowers, colors and textures.
A:  Clean glass and mirrors.
A:  Dust your decorative items.

Q: How can I stay centered in disharmonious surroundings/situations?
A: Consciously breath in deeply through your nose to the count of 7, hold the air (counting to 7) and release the air through your mouth (counting to 7). Repeat this a few times when you feel challenged and center your consciousness into your tummy.

A: Find the silver lining even if the situation is dire. We never know our own best interest and if we can find some benefit we actually balance the perceived polarity and lift our spirits.

New Moons always are the best time to come up with new goals and a suitable strategy. Anything we consciously start at a New Moon has a better chance of succeeding in the long run.

This doesn’t mean it is all easy sailing from then on, however we are aware of the challenges coming up on the 7th day (first quarter Moon) 14th  day (Full Moon) and 21st day (third quarter). Knowing that problems are an opportunity to tweak and fine tune your strategy takes away the angst and intensity and allows you to grow on all levels.

Carpe Diem
With love n moonlight