FAQ: Why would you want to fine tune to the moon?

ANSWER:  You can save yourself much time, effort and many resources by going with the flow instead of struggling against it.

Timing and Bicarb helps to keep your mouth happyJust by rearranging the timing of some tasks and activities you can save effort, reduce and replace products like cleaning  chemicals, shampoo, detergent, preservatives and still have really good results.

Until the next New Moon on Monday 15.10.2012 at 11:02 pm, the moon is waning. A good time to use this eliminating mode and attend to your teeth and mouth flora. The moon moving into Virgo on Friday also inspires us to attend to health details.

So why not try this:
Get yourself a packet of aluminium free Bicarbonate Soda from the health food shop or online. Have a small plate with a heap of Bicarb next to your sink in the bath room. Dab your wet toothbrush into the bicarb powder and brush your teeth. Hmmm🙂 feels good? Not only are you cleaning your teeth with something that is patented, you also keep the PH levels in your mouth balanced. This means no tartar, less tooth decay, better mouth flora all of which helps prevent chronic illnesses.

True, we need to brush our teeth daily and using an effective cleanser that is mild and multitasking gives you better results thanharsh tooth pastes any day…..

Just remember, when the moon is waningand all elimination is favored, brushing and flossing gives you particular beneficial results! You will be able to slowly decrease tartar build upand before you know it your mouth flora is healthier than it might be now.

What else can you clean with Bicarb?

Best to have a small plate with a heap of Bicarb next to your kitchen and laundry sink as well. Try it out on your dishes, glass, windows, tiles and mirror…..

And remember, the best time to do any cleaning chores like laundry, windows, tiles ect is when the moon is waning. Less effort and better results!

To find out how the moon position in the zodiac can further help you fine tune many diverse activities, check out the Moontime Diary 2013. There is an easy way for every day.

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Love ‘n Moonlight