Moontime Diary GreenMonday 12 March and Tuesday 13 March 2011, the waning moon is still in Scorpio.

Scorpio, a fixed water sign is very fertile. So in general these days are very good gardening days. Water signs relate to the leafy part of plants and tending ( watering, fertilizing, cutting back …)  to those plants and vegetables where you want to eat leaves – like lettuce, basil and spinach – promotes healthy and nutrient rich food.

While the moon is waning, the soil is inhaling, absorbing the nutrients provided. Look at my Cherry Guava tree,  ripe fruit abundantly drops to the ground, breaks down and decays in close proximity to the tree itself,  providing nutrients for the soil to absorb. To keep it practical, nature arranged for the roots to roughly mirror the branches of the tree to fertilize itself efficiently.

After 2 weeks of waning, at the next new moon, the  the impulse changes to waxing. Then the soil will release the nutrients and plants will be in absorption mode, taking up and synthesizing more effectively resulting in healthy growth.

Moon in Sagittarius all Wednesday 14 March and Thursday 15

Tomorrow evening, the moon moves into Sagittarius, a flexible fire sign which relates to the fruiting part of the plant. Tending to your fruiting vegetables and trees promotes healthy and abundant fruit growth and also good seeds.

The moon in a fire sign make it a favorable atmosphere to clean mirrors, glass and other shiny surfaces.

Friday 16 March and Saturday 17 March

the moon moves through Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, very practical,  making this an excellent time for building, renovations and laying pavers.

Alsovery business orientated these 2 days are a good time to have a closer look at business trends, ideas and deals.

Sunday 18 March:

the moon is waning in Aquarius, a fixed air sign and tending to your your computer or other  electronic devices is most in tune today.

Because Aquarius is a fixed air sign and considered sterile, this also is an excellent time for weeding or mowing to discourage and slow down growth.

The Moontime Moon Diary and Moontime Planner tell you exactly where the moon is and in what moon phase. Aditional pointers make it easy to tune your wellbeing, home, garden and business to the moon phases.

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