Leo Solar Eclipse ~ Special Moon Times



Is your ultimate wish-list in order?! Because this is the time to get it out and review, refresh and reaffirm it!

At 4.30am on Tuesday 22nd August, we bring in the most auspicious 2nd new moon in the fire sign of Leo for the year. (Following on directly from the new moon in Leo last month), and with this one comes a full solar eclipse as well.
Special times indeed…….  Leo Solar Eclipse ~ Special Moon Times

It’s time to raise our vibration, manifest our dearest desires and claim our Goddess-given gifts and talents and the right to a truly magical existence.

How do you imagine the ideal life for yourself? What does it look like, feel like, sound like and what is it that ultimately makes it so perfect?
What needs to be put in place to see this heartfelt dream become reality?

If you could re-write the script of your lifetime, what is the story you would tell?

NOW is the time to not just contemplate these questions, but to do our utmost to implement the ideas, solutions and inspirations to create the life of our dreams.

This is not the time to remain in a bubble, maintain the status quo or to walk the middle path where it’s safe and you know what to expect. Take that chance, speak your truth and believe in the power of a brave and noble spirit.
Every being on earth is capable of greatness, so let’s start living it!

Blessings to all

 Moonflower 💙

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