1 Taurus Moon

The next lunar event is the upcoming

FULL MOON IN TAURUS on Tuesday 27 October 2015

At 5:07 pm the Full Moon is exact on 3 degrees Taurus.

Note the Full Moon rises at 7 pm on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.


According to Hindu sages and Tibetan lamas,  around New and Full Moons energetic doorways open and we are more receptive to insights.

What does it mean on a practical level?


It is a great opportunity to have some quiet time and become aware of what this Full Moon illuminates for you:

  • Insight into issues, themes and patterns

  • Look at what is emerging, transpiring

  • Think about streamlining

  • Make needed adjustments

  • Decide what is to be consolidated, reduced, phased out in the two weeks after Full Moon

After the Full Moon

  • Put your material, work, research or projects together

  • Trim excess

  • Consolidate

  • Phase out

If you are nurturing the goals and intentions you set last New Moon in Libra (Tuesday 13 October), you’ll overcome some obstacles at the first quarter hump, Wednesday 21 October. Don’t get too frustrated, just make those adjustments needed and keep on nurturing and building up the energy.

In case you have set your intentions to become a better, more effective and clear communicator, you might be reading a book about Non Violent Communication by now, or watch some youtube clips about it.

While the Moon is waxing until the upcoming Full Moon, keep active, expanding and adding to your project, research, contacts, ideas, strategies. At Full Moon look out for what is being illuminated for you. This is a time of high pressure and it might feel intense and uncomfortable. The art to overcome this opposition of Sun and Moon lies in our observation skills and self awareness . It is wise not to make decisions under pressure, better wait a couple of days after Full Moon when the impulse changed from waxing to waning.

Taurus is ruled by the earth element and it is worth trying to avoid vaccinations and operations on the ears, throat, voice box, jaw, neck and tonsils.

Make the most of it and prepare for a Full Moon ritual or picnic with like minded on Tuesday 27 October evening or enjoy the Full Moon rising on your own. 

Full Moon Gathering

Happy Full Moon