Moontime Diary: Full moon and lunar eclipse bring opportunities

Tensions are coming to a head

Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Gemini on Tuesday 21

Leading up to the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Gemini on Tuesday, you may feel as though you have a lot of pent-up energy. Be aware of unresolved issues coming to a head, (especially if you’re at an office work party, with friends or at the In-laws). Above all, take it easy with nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants as they’re more readily absorbed into the system and thus their effects heightened at this time (yes, it is the silly season!). Deep breathing exercises and meditation help you channel this energy toward positive communication and clear intentions.

Reconnect, nurture and release

The waning Moon in Cancer on Wednesday December 22

You will feel a sense of release as the Moon begins its waning period making it a great time to reflect about the last year 2010 and prepare for a fresh start. Cancer rules mothers, children and family, so make it a priority to reconnect with mothers, children and family and nurture your most important relationships.

Embrace your creativity and exuberance

Waning Moon in Leo on Friday 24

When the Moon is in Leo, creative energies are flowing particularly well,  making it a great time to be creative, entertaining or being entertained. Leo’s extrovert charm also helps us to make a good impression! This Christmas season is a really good time to introduce your new boyfriend to your family, or get to know his family.

Waning Moon in Virgo on Sunday 26

The Moon moves into the sign of Virgo on Boxing Day. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and therefore lends itself to communicating and taking care of private emails, messages and phone calls. If one has indulged in food and drink over the last few days, now is a good time to avoid fatty and salty foods or start a diet (Virgo, an earth sign also rules health and the digestive system).

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I wish you a joyous Christmas – New Year – Hoilday Season, in great health and best company.

Thank you for your support and interest, makes it all worth it:)

Cheerfully yours