Moontime Diary 2017


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Cancer Full Moon 

Cancer Full Moon on Thursday 12 January 2017

22° Cancer at 10:33 pm

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, signified by the two breasts of a mother and ruled by the Moon.  Because Cancer also relates to 4th House matters, it highlights issues involving mothers, children, family and  home, childhood memories and feeling of belonging. Therefore we tend to be more sensitive, nurturing and protective while the Sun and/or Moon move through this constellation. However, with difficult aspects involved, we are overly sensitive and emotional, even if we hide behind a tough exterior.

Cancer Affirmation

~ I approach change with a positive attitude because new experiences enrich my life ~

Moontime Diary #Moon #Lunar #Phase #Diary #2017 #Planning #Gardening @Australia

Full Moon in Cancer

Nurture Yourself and Others ~

Next Monday 9 January, Mercury will move direct again. Finally we can get to work on our goals and plans for 2017 … However, do not make any big decisions yet! Wait until the 15 January 2017 when the Moon in Virgo trines Mercury in Capricorn, a time when thorough analysis and practical thought help you make better informed decisions.

Due to five planets in water signs plus an intense t-square involving the Moon, Sun, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus …. this Full Moon in Cancer will be a very intense day. Family issues, old hurts, memories,  feelings of not belonging are going to be highlighted ….  If you can, take time out to reflect, meditate and feel. Visiting a lake, beach or park could be the perfect way to spend the day.

Most of all, take the time and watch the Moon rise at 7:47 pm NSW time and spoil yourself with a nurturing bath afterwards.

Yummy Nurturing Bath Recipe (Moontime Diary 2017, page 10): 

Combine one handful of Bicarb Soda with one handful of Epsom Salt and one handful of milk powder. Add 10 drops of an essential oil such as lavender for relaxation, rose for nurturing or geranium to invigorate and stir the mixture well.

Soak for as long as comfortable. 

FREE Guided Meditation for Cancer Moon:

Australian author and Astrologer Tracey Stranger has developed a wonderful ‘Zodiac Serenity Collection’ .

This guided mediation is especially relevant at the Cancer Full and New Moons and also for people with a Cancer Sun, Moon or Ascendant in their Natal Chart.

By aligning yourself with Cancer energy you’ll gain valuable insights into your personal patterns relating to Cancer.

I am thrilled to present you here with a full length Cancer Alignment teaser, the first of 3 Tracks:

Click  here and Relax


Tracey’s ZODIAC ALIGNMENT meditations will be featured in the coming blogs and newsletters.



Enjoy A Healthy & Organised 2017

moontime diary 2017

Moontime Diary 2017 #IrisDetenhoff #LilyMoses @Australia #ByronBay #HealthAndMoon #OrganicGardening #MoonAstrology

Check out the Moontime Diary 2017

The Moontime Diary is here to help you align your health, home and garden with nature’s seasons and cycles.

Discover how the lunar phases subtly affect you and your surroundings and how you can make the most of the Moon’s influence.

You will find the most effective times for beauty, massage or dental treatments, cleaning windows, moving house … just to mention a few.

Plus specific tips every day help you stay healthy and organised throughout the weeks and months to come.

 Fine tune to the Moon and turn 2017 into a healthy and organised year for you,


Check out the Moontime Diary 2017

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