Best Moon Phase for getting vaccinated

This is not an argument for or against vaccination since the history of immunisation goes back to Chinese medicine as early as 1000 AD. Yes, vaccination has been practised in China, India, Africa and Turkey long before spreading to Europe and the Americas.

Doctors and scientists throughout the world have been researching and evaluating results ever since. Even though there is no guarantee that vaccinations have no side effects, a contagious illness can also be very debilitating or deadly for the ill person and countless others.  We all have heard of cholera, pestilence or polio, infectious diseases which have caused incredible suffering in the past, and we should expect other pathogens in the future.

Our current challenge with the Coronavirus is that it is highly contagious via aerosols. Therefore good hygiene and quality face masks are valuable non-invasive first defences. Strengthening your immune system helps your body cope better with an infection, as does the vaccination.

Yes, there are days in the lunar cycle that are more favourable than others:

  1. The best time to be vaccinated is the week before the New Moon.
  2. The worst time is at a Full Moon.
  3. The second worst time is the week before Full Moon.


Generally, we are being advised not to get immunised when we are sick. It makes sense because when we are ill, low in energy or agitated, our system is compromised, and the possibility for complications is higher than it would be otherwise.

During the build-up towards the Full Moon, we often feel rising internal pressure, which explains why some people find it hard to sleep, are more emotional and or aggravated. Astrologers notice that thisMoontime-Diary-and-Moontime-Calendar-2022-1 pressure is more accentuated when the Full Moon aspects a personal planet in a birth chart.

The winding down period in the waning phase is more suitable for getting vaccinated, making the week before the New Moon the most favourable time.

The Moontime Diary is a powerful tool that helps you keep track of the lunar cycles every day of the year.